Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. 3D analysis on failure behaviour of deep mixing method for fully penetrated columns : Nur Sabrina Tomiran
  2. 3D analysis on failure behaviour of deep mixing method for partially penetrated columns : Elly Norissya mohd Said
  3. Approach for evaluating excavatability of rock mass using ripper dozer : Tengku Juliani Tengku Mamat
  4. Assessing the potential of using recyclable glass in soft soil for skin resistance enhancement : Hadi Kamalijoo
  5. Bearing capacity of bored pile in discontinuous rock mass : Noor Hazalina Abdullah
  6. Behaviour of axially loaded pile under ground heaving : Aqilah Ghazali
  7. Characterization of soil water characteristic curve for unsaturated soils : Khairun Nissa Mat Said
  8. Correlation between specific energy and material properties for rippability assessment : Mohamed Khatif Tawaf Mohamed Yusof
  9. Coupling effect of suction variation on riverbank stability : Maziar Foroutan
  10. Deflection analysis of underpinned secant pile wall : Marini Mardi
  11. Design of mechanically stabilized earth wall – reinforced earth wall : Nor Hidayah A. Rahman @ A. Rahim
  12. Design verification of driven piles in soft ground using maintain load test and high strain dynamic load test : Ahmad Syazwan Mohd Sukarno
  13. Effect of bottom ash on the strength characteristics of fly ash and bottom ash mixtures : Jacky Ling Jia Yii
  14. Effect of confining pressure on failure mode of shale : Mohd Firdauz Tukiman
  15. Evaluation of bearing capacity due to radial expansion using expanding piles : Pouya Molkaraie
  16. Evaluation of failure mechanism of pile under pullout test in loose sand by PIV method : Koohyar Faizi
  17. Evaluation of settlement on reclaimed power plant : Hasrul Ibrahim
  18. Finite element formulation of one-dimensional uncoupled and coupled consolidation : Wan Nur Firdaus Wan Hassan
  19. Index properties and specific energy for assessing rippability of rock : Nurul Nadiah Othman
  20. Mechanical behaviour of sand-tire chips mixture under monotonic loading : Chew Yun Lieh
  21. Numerical simulation of bearing capacity for rigid footing on cohesive soil : Zarina Yusof
  22. Reinforcement mechanisms of rock bolt for stabilising weakness planes in rock : Tee Yong Sheng
  23. Slope stability analysis by using multiple shear strength model : Lim Kim Ong
  24. The effect of broadleaf carpet grasses (Axonopus Compressus) on shallow slope stability : Gey Eng Keat
  25. The effect of tree-induced suction on two-layered slope stability under rainfall infiltration : Chan Jia Ying
  26. Unsaturated shear strength behaviour under unconsolidated undrained tests : Majid Sokhanvar