Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Assessment of disturbance impact of hydraulic jack in pile penetration using artificial transparent clay : Nabeel Katfan Lwti
  2. Automatic Wireless Accelerometer Monitoring system (AWAM) for slope : Mohd. Azrul Hisham Mahin
  3. Bearing capacity performance of floating soil cement columns formed by deep mixing method : Aliff Ridzuan Bunawan
  4. Comparison between predicted and actual ground settlement improved using stone columns : Chee Khong Siong
  5. Comparison of soil index properties value for different pre-drying conditions on clayey soil : Teing Chai Yoon
  6. Determination of failure zone of vane shear test using artificial transparent soil : Noorsubha Hussin
  7. Determination of unit skin friction for pile in sand : Nurul Nadilah Muhammat
  8. Eccentrically tilting loaded single pile : Nurul Nabila Mohamad Shariff
  9. Effect of rock mass properties on skin friction of rock socket : Yusliza Alias
  10. Effects of consolidation settlement by dynamic replacement and prefabricated vertical drain on pile length design : Erni Syuhada Mazwil Ishan
  11. Estimation of base capacity for bored pile embedded in hard stratum : Anum Syahirah Ahmad Mazlan
  12. Fitting soil-water characteristic curve by using unimodal and bimodal soil physical properties : Hock Cheong Jun Quan
  13. Influence of suction induced by grass root : Nurulfara Ya’acob
  14. Limit equilibrium method in unsaturated slope stability analysis : Abdul Rasyid Zainal Abidin
  15. Modeling of landslide occurrence in the hilly areas of Bududa district, Eastern Uganda : Okello Nelson
  16. Numerical analysis of subgrade stabilization in soft soil : Engku Shahrulerizal Engku Ab. Rahman
  17. Numerical modeling of seepage and optimization methods for seepage control in earth dams : Mohammad Gharehzadeh Shirazi
  18. Numerical modelling of unsaturated flow in vertival layer : Balqis Abu Bakar
  19. Numerical simulation in foundation due to settlement problem : Mimi Sulastrie Jeman
  20. Numerical simulation of slope stability with capillary barrier under rainfall infiltration : Mariappan Letchumanan
  21. Optimum utilization of quarry dust as partial replacement of sand in green concrete : Jaharatul Dini Karen Lee Abdullah
  22. Peat soil stabilization using Magnesium Chloride : Wan Hasmida Wan Hassan
  23. Performance of bearing capacity for Eco-Friendly Raft Pile Foundation System (ERP System) in soft soil : Siti Saimah Abdul Rahman
  24. Performance of cantilever sheet pile wall embedded in cohesive soil using empirical and numerical analysis : Vivekananthan Devarase
  25. Performance of cold in place recycle method for different stabilization agents : Abdul Rahim Abdul Hamid
  26. Performance of geothermal energy piles under thermo-axial loads : Adriana Erica Amaludin
  27. Performance prediction of prefabricated vertical drain in soft soil using finite element method : Teh Zhi Huan
  28. Piles performances behavior of marine structures : Mohd. Afendi Ariff
  29. Primary consolidation settlement analysis using preloading technique and prefabricated vertical drain : Nurulizuwane Mat Saruji
  30. Rainfall induced failure of soil slope with trees in Gunung Pulai Johore : Robin Liew Chit Youg
  31. Rock bearing resistance of bored piles socketed into rock : Eda Suhaili Sharudin
  32. Rock shaft resistance of bored piles socketed into decomposed Malaysia granite : Raja Shahrom Nizam Shah Raja Shoib
  33. Rock slope stability assessment at Jalan Kuari, Cheras : Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Bared
  34. Settlement of strip footing on sandy soil due to eccentricity : Krekar Saber Braim
  35. Shear strength parameters of improved organic soil by calcium base stabilizer : Norlizawati Hassan
  36. Soil improvement for taxiway and apron due to soft ground problem : Ilias Abdullah
  37. Soil moisture variation due to grass water uptake in shallow slope : Siti Saidatul Azween Ismail
  38. Stability analysis of fill slope at SMK Song No.2’s project using SLOPE/W : Norasman Kadir
  39. Strength characterisation of shale using Mohr-Coulomb and Hoek-Brown criteria : Nurihan Mohd. Fauzi
  40. Strength characteristics and morphological changes of kaolin treated with liquid polymer additive (RESTRICTED) : Sanjay Boss
  41. The effectiveness of proposed slope rehabilitation methods on the slope stability in Jalan Damansara : Lee Khai Lin
  42. The measurement of compaction through field density test (FDT) in the embankment strata : Mohd. Hafiz Shafie
  43. The stability of telecommunication tower foundation on granular application : Busu Puteh
  44. Undrained shear strength of overconsolidated cohesive soil using modified rowe cell : Lim Jee Wen