Updated : 27/04/2016

  1. A Stochatic Approach To Designing Stormwater Detention Pond : Zainiah Mohd Zin
  2. Characterization Of Convective Rain In Klang Valley Malaysia : Nordila Ahmad
  3. Comparison Of Rainfall Runoff Characteristics And Evapotranspiration In Oil Palm Cathments : Chong Meng Hui
  4. Deposition Of Sediment In Detention Pond – Laboratory Study : Mazlina Alang Othman
  5. Evaluation And Performance Of Gross Pollutant Traps ( GPTs ) For Open Channel System : Noor Suraya Romali
  6. Modelling Of Tsunami Propagation In Melaka Straits : Walid Ayad M Negrat
  7. Nearshore Wave Analysis Of Batu Pahat River Estuary : Norazlina Bateni
  8. Performance Of Porforated Piles As A Wave Alternator : Norzana Mohd Anuar
  9. Physical Flood Modelling Evaluation Of River Meandering Channel In Tidal Effected Reach : Mohd Fauzi Mohamad
  10. Propagation Of Ship Indused Waves On To The Tanjung Piai Coastline : Suraya Ab Razak
  11. Risk Based Analysis For Detention Pond Overflow At Iskandar Malaysia (Nusajaya) Johor : Zuliziana Suif
  12. The Evaluation Of Hydrodynamic And Sediment Transport Model Using Environmental Fluid Dynamic Code : Mohd Zaharifudin Muhamad Ali
  13. The Impact Of The Submerged Geotube Breakwater As A Coastal Protection At Tanjung Piai ,Pontian, Johor : Arshad Sardi