Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Application Of Hydrodynamic And Water Quality Model In Sungai Johor Estuary : Maznah Ismail
  2. Beach Response Due To The Pressure Equqlization Modules (PEM) System : Mohd Shahrizal Ab Razak
  3. Crsytal Carbon Bioteck System For Sungai Tuang (Melaka) Water Treatment : Nur Adilah Abdul Mutalib
  4. Design Of A Tsunami Barrier To The North Of Penang Island : Bahman Esfandiar Jahromi
  5. Determination Of Equilibrium Beach Profile For A Nourished Beach With A Pressure Equalization Module ( PEM ) System : Abdul Haslim Abdul Shukor
  6. Grounwater Study For Shallow Alluvium Aquifer At Kota Bharu,Kelantan : Nassir Bsher Madi
  7. Hydrodynamic And Salinity Transport Model In An Estuarine System : Nuryasmeen Farhan Haron
  8. Overcoming Pressure Deficiency In Sungai Rengit Water Distribution System : Nur Firdaus Mohd Daud
  9. The Application Of Fluent 3D To Simulate Flow Hidrodynamics Around Vertical Cylinders : Javad Taghinia Seyedja-Lali
  10. The Effect Of High Tide On Sungai Damansara Using Infowork RS : Zamsalwani Zamri
  11. Trend Analysis Of Sea Level Rise For West Coast Of Peninsular Malaysia : Azura Ahmad Radzi
  12. Water Quality Trend At The Upper Part Of Johor River In Relation To Rainfall And Runoff Pattern : Hasmida Hamza
  13. Wave Transmission And Dissipation Coeficients Of A Modified Artificial Mangrove Root System : Goh Hooi Bien