Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. An Evaluation Of Statistical Model For Downscaling Precipitation : Khairul Anuar Mohamad
  2. An Experimental Study Of Tsunami Run-Up On A Vegetated Coastal Slope : Nor Eliza Alias
  3. Assessment Of Water Quality Characteristics During Base And Storm Flow Events On Sungai Langat Basin : Liza Shah Ali Charlie
  4. Assessment Of Water Quality Conditions During Base And Storm Flow Events In Sungai Perak Basin : Samera Samsuddin Sah
  5. Assessment Of Water Quality Conditions In Sg. Linggi And Sg. Melaka Catchments : Umadevi Ragoonathan
  6. Calibration Of Soil Moisture Accounting (SMA) Parameters In Sungai Johor River Basin Using Hydrologic Model HEC-HMS : Norwahida Azwani Mat Yusop
  7. Detection of spalling using vibration data : Nadia Hajihasani
  8. Development Soil Parameters For Hydrologic Modelling In Upper Sungai Muar : Habibi Ibrahim
  9. Evaluation on the effects of sea level during El Nino and La Nina events in Malaysia water : Anie Raflikha Abd Malek
  10. Flood mapping of sungai Skudai using infoworks RS : Mohsen Salarpour Goodarzi
  11. Reservoir storage simulation and forecasting models for Muda irrigation scheme, Malaysia : Joomizan Noordin
  12. River mouth stability of sungai Papar, Sabah : Noor Asiah Mohamad
  13. Using Hec-Ras and Qual2E to assess Johor river water quality : Ali H. Ahmed Suliman