Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. An evaluation of statistical model for downscaling precipitation : Shahaboddin Hossein Gholizadeh
  2. Climate change impact on precipitation and streamflow in a humid tropical watershed : Zulkarnain Hassan
  3. Daily stream flow forecasting using artificial neural networks (Case study: The upper Bernam River basin) : Mojtaba Porhemmat
  4. Dam break modelling for Sembrong Dam : Wan Noor Afizal Wan Muhammad
  5. Design of breakwater structure along Tanjung Piai Johor using the TELEMAC system (RESTRICTED) : Lee Hooi Chie
  6. Determining near saturated soil hydraulic properties at oil palm plantation using wooding equation and inverse solution : Nor Suhada Abd. Rashid
  7. Distribution of pollutant in longitudinal direction of open channel flow : Soheil Saeedfar
  8. Effect of wave attenuation of a submerged porous breakwater : Alireza Yasi
  9. Enhancing coral growth on artificial reefs by Electro Deposition Reefs : Adil Mohd
  10. Field evaluation of infiltration models under oil palm plantation with reference to stemflow and througfall areas : Nor Farah Atiqah Ahmad
  11. Mixed formulations for navier strokes equations with magnetic effect in rectangular channel : Erwan Hafizi Kasiman
  12. Rainfall runoff modeling to assess the effect of land-use change on water supply plan : Sabah Samatar
  13. Sensitivity analysis on the estimation of evapotranspiration models : Nur Fadzilla Usop
  14. Simulation of future climate variations using global circulation model and downscaling model : Hamed Benisi Ghadim
  15. Statistical analysis to assess the impact of landuse on groundwater quality : Saleem Abbulridha Salman
  16. Statistical downscaling of precipitation extreme events : Wan Nor Hanisah Wan Hamzah
  17. Stochastic streamflow analysis and simulation using disaggregation model : Azman Mustapha
  18. Subjective and objective weighting methods in multiple criteria decision making used in water resources : Kamal Ahmed
  19. The role of weights in final output of the multicriteria decision aid in water resources : Nadeem Nawaz
  20. The study of watershed retention approach to identify water resources problems at Johor watershed : Rawshah Othman Ali
  21. Time series modeling using Markov and Arima models : Mohd. Khairul Idlan Muhammad