Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Analysis of domestic water consumption in Malaysia : Filzah Ali Hassan
  2. Analysis of spill oil on TiO2 and magnetic PVA – ALGINATE beads involving chemical degradation : Peiman Roushenas
  3. Assessment of water balance approach for different water supply conditions in Dahuk dam : Maher Hussain Solaiman
  4. Background losses reduction by excessive pressure cut off : Zainudin Ngadiran
  5. Climate variability and changes in rainfall trends in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia : Olaniyan, Olusegun Mayowa
  6. Computer model on linear wave propagation : Ling How Ing
  7. Floodplain modeling due to dam break using CCHE2D_FLOOD : Nurul Atiqah Omar
  8. Hydrodynamic modeling of Malacca Straits using EFDC : Amyrhul Abu Bakar
  9. Hydrodynamic modeling of Tasik Titiwangsa : Ahmed Jader Sadeq Aljadir
  10. Modelling soil erosion susceptibility of Johor river by using geographical information system (GIS) : Hussein Abed Obaid
  11. Non revenue water management in Melaka water distribution system : Munirah Hussein
  12. Non-revenue water pattern of Malaysia : Safarina Rabiah Bolhasan
  13. Simulation of non-point sources of pollution in a heterogeneous media by using 2D regional groundwater flow model : Hamid Asgari
  14. Simulation on the effect of submerged breakwater to the wave transmission and run-up : Zaheder Abd Aziz
  15. Soil erosion rates from different land cover intensities in oil palm plantation : Suhaila Sahat
  16. Streamflow time series forecasting using autoregressive integrated moving-average and artificial neural network : Muhammad Reza
  17. Temporal and spatial variations of grey-water (sullage) properties from residential and commercial areas in Melana catchment : Mohammadjavad Asadsangabifard
  18. The effect of heavy metal concentration uptake by two species bacteria and growth rate using synthetic water : Sarinah Ali
  19. The effects of urbanization on streamflow-hydrological approach : Emey Dyana Abd. Jalil
  20. The study of air quality at industrial area in Johor : Siti Nur Farhana Abdul Aziz