Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Application Of Efco E-Form Panel System Rc Shear Wall Design In Malaysia Construction Industry : Lim Wai Shien
  2. Behaviour Of Beam-To-Column Connection In Precast Concrete Structure : Ngui Yeang Lin
  3. Behaviour Of Precast Concrete Beam-To-Column Connection With Hidden Corbel : Ling Tieng Kooi
  4. Buckling analysis of compression member with trapezoidal web profile : Tan Cher Siang
  5. Deflection Profile Chek For A Guyed Monorail Steel Bridge : Koo Hong Kect
  6. Experimental Modal Analysis For Structural Health Monitoring Using Diamond Software : Henry Lue Leong Shen
  7. Kelakuan sambungan lantai dan dinding dalam struktur kerja bata saling mengunci : Wan Mohd. Nasrudin Wan Ab. Karim
  8. Modelling of stell-concrete composite beam section of bridges using finite element method : Nor Azizi Safiee
  9. Monlinear Finite Element Analysis ( NLFEA ) Of Reinforcement Concrete Tube In Tube Tall Building : Ng Sook Jen
  10. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis ( NLFEA ) Of Reinforced Concrete Tube In Tall Building : Lee Siong Wee
  11. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Of The Precast Concrete Beam To Column Connection : Hii Jing Song
  12. Stability Of Reinforced Concrete Structure On Elastic ( Perfectly Plastic ) Soil : Oh Chai Lian
  13. Strengthening Of Concrete Slab With Opening Using External Fiber Reinforced Polymer : Tee Bun Pin
  14. Strut-And-Tie Method : Analysis And Its Application : Nevy Sandra
  15. The Behavior Of Shear Walls In Global Skeletal Frames : Kong Chak Hing
  16. The Behaviour Of Pinned Beam-To-Column Connection In Precast Concrete : Lee Ming Kai
  17. The Creep Behavior Of Normal Strength Concrete : Hazrina Bt Ahmad
  18. The Creep Behavior Of Normal Strength Concrete : Nor Maslina Bt Mohsan
  19. The effect of opening on the strength of corrugated web plate girder subjected to shear : Nina Imelda Mohammad Sulanah
  20. The Effects Of Floor Diapharagms To The Lateral Stability Of Multi – Storey Frames : Gan Sim Keat
  21. Wind Loads On Suspension Bridge Section Using Finite Element Analysis : Lai Chee Fong