Updated : 04/05/2016

  1. Applications Of Engineering Theories In Structural Forensic Investigation : Noraidah Yahya
  2. Assessment Of Reinforced Concreted Beam Subjected To Fire : Hazri Bin Abu Bakar
  3. Behaviour Of Concrete With In-Plane Hollow Circular Inclusion : Mohd Zulkarnaain Sulaiman
  4. Behaviour Of Skybridge Adjoins Rc Building Towers Under Wind Effect : Oh Jol Dih
  5. Bonding Behaviour Between CFRP And Steel Plates To Concrete Prisms : Peter Ling Chuan Chang
  6. Comparison On The Effect Of Earthquake And Wind Loads On The Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings : Suhana Suradi
  7. Design Optimization Of Curve Profile Retaining Wall : Siti Thalisah Ahmad
  8. Determination Of Earthquake Design Criteria For Fixed Offshore Structures Located In Malaysia Region : Lai Tze Khai
  9. Determination Of Slenderness Limit Of Composite Slabs : Vidal Patrick Paton-Cole
  10. Document Management Model For Collaborative Construction : Shahrul Hameed Shahib
  11. Earthquake Analysis Of IBS For Double Storey Housing : Nur Fatimah Marwar
  12. Earthquake Analysis Of IBS For Single Storey Housing : Siti Radiah Yunus
  13. Finite Element Analysis Of A Composite Wall Made Of Concrete And Cold Formed Steel Sheeting : Yasser Salem Muzahem
  14. Finite Element Analysis On The Defected Reinforced Concrete Column : Chong Kean Yee
  15. Finite Element Analysis On The Strength Of Flush Endplate Connection With Trapezoid Web Profile Beam Using Lusas Software : Muhammad Johan Johari
  16. Finite Element Investigation On The Strength OF Semi-Rigid Extended End Plate Steel Connection Using Lusas Software : Mohd Maiziz Fishol Hamdi
  17. Finite Element Modelling And Analysis Of Dry Floor Slab : Shahabuddin Mohd Muhayidin
  18. Frame Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls With Openings : Norlizan Wahid
  19. Improving The Performance Of Precast Concrete Beam-To-Beam Connection With Inadequate Lap Length : Ling Jen Hua
  20. Influence Of Concrete Strength On The Behaviour Of External Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint : Felicia Thien Ying Chik
  21. Influence Of Concrete Strength On The Behaviour Of External Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint : Hii How Nguong
  22. Non-Linear Behaviour Of One-Bay Steel Frames With Semi-Rigid Connections : Lim Pui Yan
  23. Physical Properties And Durability Of Multi-Blended Cement Mortars : Lenny Sheryme Jasmi
  24. Repair And Strengthening Methods For Bridge Supports : Hanizah Argadan
  25. Simulation of Allocation Activities Of Logistic For Semi-Precast Concrete Construction Case Study : Wisam Mohamad S.Masod
  26. Simulation Of Industriallised Building SysW Formation For Housing Construction : Ahmad Razin Zainal Abidin
  27. Strengthening Of Bolted Shear Joint In Ferrocement Construction : Chiong Chung Eng
  28. The Application Of Artificial Neural Network In Nondestructive Testing For Concrete Bridge Inspection Rating System : Sophia C. Alih
  29. The Behaviour Of Glulam Beam Strengthened Using Fibre Reinforced Polymer : Dalila Kamaruzaman
  30. The Influence Of Concrete Strengths On The Behaviour Of External Beam-Column Joints : Idayani Salim
  31. The Optimization Of Shear Buckling Resistance Of Trapezoidal Web Plate : Mok Hun Yew
  32. The Strategy Of Implementing Eurocode 2 In Malaysia : Ng Ming Kwong