Updated : 04/05/2016

  1. A Comparision Between Blast Debris From Lightweight And Normal Concrete Structure : Ahmad Mazlan Othman
  2. Analysis Of Extendable IBS Steel Trues : Liew Vui Jen
  3. Awareness Of Noise Hazard From Construction Site : Muhamad Fikri Abdul Jalal
  4. Behaviour Of Cold Formed Steel Under Axial Compression Force : Tan Hean Seong
  5. Characterization Of Natural Fibre Polymer Composites For Structural Application : Liew Shan Chin
  6. Column Behaviour Subject To Compression : Shariza Mat Aris
  7. Comparison Of Creep And Shrinkage Using Different Code Of Practice : Ng Ping Chew
  8. Comparison On The Effect Of Earthquake And Wind Loads On The Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings : Suhana Suradi
  9. Concrete Practice And Defects During Construction – Case Study : Zafri Abdullah
  10. Contractors A Wareness On Hazard Of Noise To The Contruction Site Workers : Mohd Azwanfadzli Deris
  11. Corrosion Growth Prediction In Seawater Ballast Tank Of Bulk Carriers Using Statistical Model : Salina Ramli
  12. Corrosion Growth Prediction In Seawater Ballast Tank Of Oil Tankers Using Statisical Model : Rosilawati Mohd Rasol
  13. Development Of Lightweigh Concrete Using Hollow Spheres : Yulius Rief Alkhaly
  14. Extreme Growth Behaviour Of Corrossion Pit In Hydrocarbon Pipeline (Case Study Of Diameter 242.1mm Pipeline) : Ann See Peng
  15. Extreme Growth Behaviour Of Corrossion Pit In Hydrocarbon Pipeline (Case Study Of Diameter 914.4mm Pipeline) : Chuah Chong Keat
  16. Failure Of Roof Structure Due To Wind Load : Lee Sid Hwa
  17. Finite Element Formulation For Free Vibration Of Composite Beams : Mohd Ridza Mohd Haniffah
  18. Finite Element Investigation Of Strength Of Semi – Rigid Steel Joints : Mohd Yazmil Md Yatim
  19. Highway Interchange Simulation : Rafeg Ali Mohamed Balrwin
  20. Horizontal Shear Stress Contour Mapping Of Composite Slab By Photostress Method : Muhammad Fiaz Ahmad
  21. Performance Of Concrete Containing Engine Oil : Tee Lian Yong
  22. Performance Of Mechanical Cupler For The Connection Of Precast Concrete Wall Panels : Kong Ling Kai
  23. Seismic Effect On Precast Concrete Structure For Beam To Collumn Connection : Liew Ming Hui
  24. Seismic Vulnerability Study On Guillemard Railway Bridge : Teow Ching Ching
  25. Simulation Modeling In Construction Industry For IBS Implementation : Atefeh Mohammadpour
  26. Study On Behaviour Of High Strength Palm Oil Fuel Ash ( POFA ) Concrete : Omar Elmukhtar Ahmed Eldagal
  27. Study On Durability Of High Strength Palm Oil Fuel Ash POFA Concrete : Ahmed Mokhtar Albshir Budiea
  28. The Application Of Artificial Neural Network In Seismic Evaluation Of Buildings : Rozaina Ismail
  29. The Application Of Monte Carlo Simulation In Structure Realiability Assessment (Case Study Of Offshore Pipelines) : Wan Najihah Farhanah
  30. The Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam With Construction Joint Near The Support : Altoum Alagab Al Amin Al Hassan
  31. The Effectiveness Of Sikas System In Selecting Suppliers And Contractors For Telecomunication Infrastructure Works In Telekom Malaysia : Zawiyah Abdul Razak
  32. The Influence Of The Anchorage Of Independent Bent-Up Bar On Its Shear Capacity : Ang Ting Guan
  33. The Properties And Flexural Behaviour Of Self Compacting Concrete Using Palm Oil Fuel Ash And Admixture : Azharie Effenddy Azmi