Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Attributes Of Smart Bridge Monitoring Technologies : Teo Mei Choo
  2. Compression Between Grillage Model And Finite Element Model For Analyzing Bridge Deck : Saif Laith Khalid Alomar
  3. Connections System For Braced And Unbraced Precast Structure Due To Lateral Loadings : Quek Keng Hua
  4. Development Of Cement-Bonded Construction Materials Utilizing Paper Sludge And Palm Oil Fuel Ash : Lau Sim Keok
  5. Effect Of Surface Roughness And Curing Condition On The Ultimate Shear Capacity Of Composite Slab : Oh Teck Yees
  6. Effects Of Mortar Towords NDT Reading Equipment – A Case Study : Sue Alina Abdul Aziz
  7. Engineering Properties Of Resin Grout As Concrete Repair Material : Lim Siong Kang
  8. Finite Element Analysis On Beam To Column Minor Axis Bolted End Plate Connection : Lee Hong Yong
  9. Finite Element Simulation Of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Inpact Loading : Shahrul Niza Mokhatar
  10. Finitte Element Analysis Of Beam To Coloum End Plate Conections On Major Axis : Kong Weng Hoong
  11. Flexural Performance Of Rice Husk – High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE ) Bio – Composite Profile Deck : Loo Chanh Soon
  12. Formulation Of Key Performance Indicators Through Implementation Of Private Finance Intiatives ( PFI ) In Student Hostel Privasation : Mohd Raymee Aisang Masuri
  13. Kepentingan Teknologi Sistem Pembinaan Berindustri ( IBS ) Dalam Mempertingkatkan Keberkesanan Projek Pembinaan : Norazlin Nadia Abu Bakar
  14. Life Cycle Cost Analysis For The Repair Of A Ferry Terminal, Jetty Structure : Hilyati Sabtu@Othman
  15. Load Bearing Auto Claved Aerated Concrete Wall In Industrialised Building System Construction : Fung Wen Pui
  16. Non Linear Seismic Performance Of Smart Tunnel : Saffuan Wan Ahmad
  17. Performance Of Laterite Aggregate Concrete : Salem Mohamed Elayesh
  18. Predicting The Behaviour Of Extended End Plate Connections Using Strain Gauges : Fatimatuzahrah Mohd Mahir
  19. Predicting The Behaviour Of Flush End Plate Connections Using Strain Gauges : Norhashila Shuhada Tuah
  20. Properties Of Acrylic Polymer Modified Concrete : Peyman Mahmoudian Jouneghani
  21. Properties Of Mortar With Palm Oil Empty Fruit Bunch Fibre : Mohamed Omer El Sheikh Omer
  22. Secondary Bending Moment In The Design Og Beam With Trapezoid WEB Profile : Mohd Nazaruddin Mohd Kesah
  23. Seismic Effect On Precast Structure For Beam To Column Connection : Liew Ming Hui
  24. Seismic Performance Analysis Of Kuala Lumpur Air Trafic Control Tower By Friction Damper : Ong Peng Pheng
  25. Seismic Performance Of Water Tank Tower : Fadrul Hafiz Ismail
  26. Semi Top Down And Bottom Up Construction Work In Deep Basement Of Tall Building In Kuala Lumpur : Megat Zahari Megat Jaafar
  27. Splice System In Extending The Precast Prestressed Concrete Beam Span : Mohd Nasir Kamarol Zaki
  28. Static Lateral Bracing To Tall Building Structures : Chong Tun Yen
  29. Statistical Analysis Of Non-Destructive Test In Concrete : Wan Noor Atimmi Wan Ab Majid
  30. Strengthening Of Under-Strength Concrete Using FRP Fabric : Meisam Razavi
  31. Structural Behavior Of Prestressed Pretensioned Concrete Composite Section : Zaid F.Abdul Abbas
  32. The Behaviour Of Sleeve Connection With Spiral Reinforcement And Additional Longitudinal Bar Under Direct Tensile Load : Norliana Manap
  33. The Effect Of Creep On Prestressed Simply Supported And Intergral Bridge Beams : Mohd Fairuz Omar
  34. The Effect Of Temperature On Prestressed Integral Bridge Beam : Muhammad Lutfi Othman
  35. The Effectiveness Of Independent Bent- Up Bars With Insufficient Anchorage And Inclined Links As Shear Reinforcement : Noor Nabilah Sarbini
  36. The Effects Of Steel Spiral To The Performance Of Grouted Sleeve Connectors : Aizat Alias
  37. The Prediction Of Time-Dependent Deformation Of Normal Strength Concrete In Tropical Climate : Roslina Omar
  38. The Properties And Flexural Behaviour Of Self Compacting Concrete Using Rise Husk Ash And Admixture : Mohd Fakri Muda
  39. The Use Of Biocomposites To Retrofit Concrete Columns : Noor Azwa Zulkarnain
  40. The Use Of FRP Pultruded Section For Simple Truss Model : Mohammad Hizam Shah Rusmi
  41. Workers Awareness Of Noise Pollution At Construction Sites In Nusajaya : Wan Amir Johari Wan Mahmood