Updated : 03/05/2016

  1. A Green Cost Allocation Model For Office And Commercial Buildings In Malaysia – Behzad Hamidi
  2. Adequacy Of Contract Provision In Managing Construction Failure – Naadira Binti Che Kamaruddin
  3. Allowable Interface Slip Of Composite Slab To Achieve Full Interaction Behaviour – Rohizat Ariffin
  4. Analysis Of Cold-Formed Steel Connections – Muhamad Khairi Abd Khalil
  5. Application Of 2-Dimensional Digital Image Correlation For Mapping Bond Strain And Stress Distribution In Concrete – Reza Aghlara
  6. Application Of Bim In Sustainability Analysis – Hamed Golzarpoor
  7. Assessment Of The Potential Benefits Of Four-Dimensional Planning And Scheduling Software In Construction Project – Mohd Syah Rizal Bin Yahya
  8. Beam-To-Column Connection Using Hollow Steel Section For Precast Concrete Frames – Mohamad Zaki Bin Majid
  9. Behavior Of Lightweight Concrete Containing Palm Oil Shell As Coarse Aggregate Bitrus – Emmanuel Achara
  10. Behaviour Of Wide Reinforced Concrete Beam In Shear – Haidar.R.Hashim Al.Dywany
  11. Building Performance With Different Bedrock Response Spectrum – Nik Zainab Binti Nik Azizan
  12. Building Performance Diagnoses Using Post Occupancy Evaluation For Low Energy Office Building Practices – Hamed Ganjbakhsh
  13. Cadangan Perjanjian Aras Perkhidmatan (Sla) Untuk Aktiviti Di Antara Sektor Bisnes Dan Sektor Pakar Di Jkr – Mohd Azmi Bin Asif
  14. Challenges In Coordination Process For Tall Building Construction – Mohd Nasir Bin Mohd Noor
  15. Critical Success Factors For Contracting Organization During Recession – Azlinda Binti Mat Lazim
  16. Collaboration And Communication Of Project Team In Pwd Web Based Project Monitoring System – Redzuan Bin Jaafar
  17. Column Design With Semi-Rigid End Frame – Wan Hidayatul Hak Binti Wan Jusoh
  18. Contractor’s Time Performance In Affordable Housing Program – Nazirah Ismail
  19. Construction Safety In Jakarta, Indonesia – Lanang Ardi Paringga
  20. Construction Duration For Various Healthcare Facility Projects For Public Works Department – Siti Nurulhuda Amirrudin
  21. Cost Effectiveness Comparison Of Pre-Fabrication With Conventional Construction Method For RMAF Ground Defense Bunker – Tan Swee Kok
  22. Dispute Resolution In Relation To Delay Of Construction Project – Tan Kian Soon
  23. Development Of Quantitative Quality Cost Matrix For Malaysian Construction Quality Management System – Mukhtar Che Ali
  24. Efficiency In Construction Process – Tahrina Taib
  25. Effective Project Delivery – Strategies For Successful Implementation Of Projects Under 10th Malaysia Plan – Hairol Ab. Rahim
  26. Establishing A Project Management Office For A More Effective And Efficient Implementation Of Projects In Jkr – Hizamul-Din Bin Ab. Rahman
  27. Factors Associated With Communication Performance In Jkr – Fazilah Binti Musa
  28. Factors Influence Construction Time Performance For Ibs In Malaysia Construction Industry – Siti Nur Hafizeanie Binti Salahuddin
  29. Factors Influencing To The Selection Of Sewage Treatment Plant – Noor Wahyu Ngadimin
  30. Faktor-Faktor Kritikal Yang Mempengaruhi Tempoh Penyiapan Projek-Projek Jabatan Kerja Raya – Samri Bin Embong
  31. Finite Element Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Column With Longitudinal Hole – Amirhossein Basravi
  32. Flexural Behavior Of Precast Concrete Slab With Steel Fibre Concrete Topping – Farnoud Rahimi Mansour
  33. Flexural Behavior Of Wire-Reinfofced Concrete Beam – Hayder Fakharazi
  34. Hot Climate Air Flow Study And Affect Of Stack Ventilation In Residential Building – Ali Tighnavard Balasbaneh
  35. Improvement Of Project Planning Process To Satisfy Clients’ Satisfaction In Project Implementation – Wan Norhayati Bt Wan Abdul Ghani
  36. Improvement Of Structural Stability For Multi –Storey Building By Using Composite Column And Cable Connection – Yashar Arvin
  37. Improving Safety Control Of Pwd Project Through The Inclusion Of Safety Requirement In The Bill Of Quantity – Norman Bin Md. Rabani
  38. Improving The Process Of Capturing Clients’ Needs – Faizah Binti Ibrahim
  39. Improving Time Estimation In Jkr Project – Muhamad Khair Bin Hasan
  40. Kelewatan Proses Pengambilan Tanah – Kesan Terhadap Kontraktor – Mohammad Faazil Bin Fakharazi
  41. Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis Of Steel-Concrete Composite Slabs Using Explicit Dynamics Procedure – Mohammad Joshani
  42. Mobile Application Prototype For On-Site Information Management In Construction Industry – Mehdi Nourbakhsh
  43. Penjadualan Projek Untuk Pembinaan Jalan Di Kawasan Tanah Berpaya – Ahmad Azizi Bin Ismail
  44. Productivity Rate Of Roof Works For Jkr School Project Scheduling – Zuraida Zaini Rijal
  45. Project Management Maturity And Performance Measures Of Project Management Knowledge Areas In Jabatan Kerja Raya – Nor Hazlin Binti Mohammad
  46. Proposal For Evaluation Methodology Of Competency Based Project Management Traning – Rosiah Binti Abu Samah
  47. Proposal For The Enhancement Of JKR Matrix Organization – Atikah Binti Abdul Hamid
  48. Reappraisal Of JKR Quality Management System – Wan Ibrahim Wan Yusoff
  49. Road Maintenance Management System : A Case Study At Public Work Department – Nurul Wahida Mohamed
  50. Seismic Behavior Of Tall Building Structures By Friction Damper – Abdollah Vaez Shoushtari
  51. Seismic Behaviour Of Tunnels With Different Soil Types And Depths – Ku Safirah Binti Ku Sulaiman
  52. Seismic Vulnerability Analysis Of Various Types Of Dams With Finite Element Methods – Ehsan Noroozinejad Farsangi
  53. Shear Capacity Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Composite Slab – Mohd Basri Bin Che Bakar
  54. Slenderness Study Of Composite Slabs Modeled By Explicit Dynamic Procedure – Yusuf Abdinasir Mohamed
  55. Strength Properties Of High Volume Slag Cement Concrete – Sasan Parniani
  56. Structural Behaviour Of A Single Tendon End Block – Maria Binti Nuid
  57. Strength Behaviour Of Column Studs In Prefabricated Wall Panels Using Cold-Formed Steel – Siti Rahayu Jaffar
  58. Sustainable Development Factors For Land Development In UTM Johor Bahru Campus – Khalid Ahmed Mohamed
  59. Techniques For Valuation Of Variation Works – Zulkhairi Ismail
  60. The Awareness Towards Green Office Facilities – Morteza Ghaempanah Tajabadi
  61. The Effects Of Pofa From Different Sources On Durability Of High Strength Concrete In Malaysia – Saleh Omar Ahmed Bamaga
  62. The Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Building Maintenance For College Tun Hussien Onn (KTHO), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Wong Chin Liang
  63. The Potential Adoption Of Relational Contracting In Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia – Noraisah Binti Kadirin
  64. The Shear Behavior Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam – Alshehri, Dhafer Saad A