Updated : 03/05/2016

  1. A Cross Functional Project Management Model For Siemens Malaysia – Vijay Ananda Raja A/L Murugesu
  2. A Practical Approach Towards Sustainable Renovation – Farhang Erfan
  3. A Procedure For Effective Contractor Evaluation Method For Gamuda Projects Using Evidental Reasoning Approach – Sri Viknesh A/L Permalu
  4. Automated Safety Planning On Construction Site – Samaneh Zolfagharian
  5. Benchmarking Jkr Quality Management System With Industry Best Practice – Muhammad Syukri Bin Khasim
  6. Bond Stress In Precast Concrete Spiral Connectors – Mahyar Mahdinezhad
  7. Contractors’ Perception Towards Public-Private Partnership In Construction – Kelvina Kiu Siu Jen
  8. Earned Value Management As A Performance Indicator For Effective Measurement To Ensure Pwd Project Success – Mohd. Khairi Bin Mohd. Sanusi
  9. Establishment Of Value Management Framework For Implementation In Jkr Construction Project – Mukhzani Bin Abd Latif
  10. Finite Element Formulation For Semi-Rigid Beam-To-Column Connections Using Potential Energy Approach – Mohd Hairil Bin Mohd
  11. Implementing Customer Service Improvement Plan In Jkr – Hadzeri Bin Hashim
  12. Influence Of Staffing Practices On Effective Project Management – Anees Binti Ahmad
  13. Leveraging On Lesson Learnt In Jabatan Kerja Raya Project Management – Ramlan Bin Hamzah
  14. Motivations And Barriers To The Implementation Of Green Building Policy In Universiti Teknologi Malaysia – Welfred Chai Khai Hung
  15. Perception Of Life Cycle Costing In Malaysia Green Bilding – Ng Wai Yoke
  16. Performance Evaluation Of Consultants For Project Supervision Management – Zainon Bt Hj.Tohid
  17. Performance Measurement System For Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia – Noor Rahim Bin Suleiman
  18. Perlaksanaan Pengurusan Berkesan Projek Sistem Binaan Berindustri ( Ibs) Di Jabatan Kerja Raya (Jkr) – Fazilah Binti Hatta @ Antah
  19. Potential Retrofitting Of Utm Existing Buildings To Green Bilding – Foo Kian Seng
  20. Potential Use Of Palm Oil Fuel Ash As A Construction Material – Pui Yun Fatt
  21. Problems And Dilemmas Of Class F Contractors’ Participation In Large Projects – Mohd Ikhmil Faevwasz Bin Mohd Hanif
  22. Productivity Of Concreting Work In Jabatan Kerja Raya Building Projects – Arnita Sofia Binti Osman
  23. Productivity Of Rendering And Tiling Works For Building Projects Scheduling – Resli Azha Mohd Zain
  24. Project Management Critical Success Factors In Jabatan Kerja Raya Malayasia – Dzarif Bin Yaacob
  25. Resistance Towards Job Transfer Among Jabatan Kerja Raya Professionals – Muzammil Bin Musa
  26. Risk Assessment On Safety In Construction Site – Vivian Genevieve Chung Hui Hui
  27. Scheduling Software As A Tool For Monitoring And Controlling Jkr Project – Zainal Abidin Bin Sin
  28. Second-Order Inelastic Analysis Of Steel Portal Frame Structures – Libriati Binti Zardasti
  29. Structural Response Spectra For Different Soil Condition Under Earthquake Loading – Christie Lanjing Anak Entika
  30. The Design And Construction Of Post Tensioned Flat Slab – Nurhidayah Binti Zakaria
  31. The Development Of Small And Medium Sized Construction Firms In Nigeria Using Absorptive Capacity – Bilau Abdulquadri Ade
  32. The Effectiveness Of Monitoring And Control On Risk Management Practices In Jabatan Kerja Raya – Mohd Nazira Mohd Nasir
  33. The Importance And Allocation Of Risks In Malaysia Construction Project – Wong Ming Yien
  34. The Most Efficient Contribution Of Shear Walls In Dual Structural Systems In Medium Height Buildings – Meisam Ansari
  35. The Potential Of Graph Model As Dispute Resolution In Malaysia – Wan Faaizah Binti Wan Husain
  36. The Study Of Position Of Outrigger To Minimise The Bending Moment Induced By Wind Load – Mohd Shah Khairi Bin Mohd Suhaimi