Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Achieving green campus: Acoustic quality improvement for ‘Smart Classroom’ for better learning process (Sustainable Construction and Building) : Nur Hotimah Yusof
  2. Analisis sambungan keluli terbentuk sejuk rasuk-tiang dan tiang-penapak menggunakan kaedah unsur terhingga : Hasniza Mohd. Hilal
  3. Aspects of analysis of simply supported bridge decks : Munirah Mohmad
  4. Assessment of reinforced concrete jetty structure exposed to marine environment : Mohd. Shahnaz Sani
  5. Automated and integrated analysis and design of concrete industrialised building system : Abdul Azim Mohd. Samiin
  6. Characterizations of Kenaf fiber reinforced polymer composites for structural elements : Nur Hafizah Abd. Khalid
  7. Computer simulation of bridge girder reinforced with FRP : Ardalan Sabamehr
  8. Corrosion study on X70-carbon steel material influenced by soil engineering properties : Lim Kar Sing
  9. Deflection monitoring of cast in-situ balanced cantilever prestressed concrete box girder bridge : Mohd Khairul Azman Hambali
  10. Development of an integrated assessment tool for corroding pipeline : Nor Apaziah Nor Ozman
  11. Development of embedded capacitive sensor for monitoring corrosion of reinforcement : Siti Fatimah Abdul Rahman
  12. Development of integrated quantitative risk assessment for subsea pipelines : Azura Sharina Md. Sidek
  13. Durability of geopolymer mortars using agro-industrial waste : Nur Farhayu Ariffin
  14. Effect of human motion induced vibration loading on footbridge deck : Nima Mehrabi
  15. Elastic analysis of torsional buckling for portal frame structures : Azzuana Nasri
  16. Evaluation of shear resistance in reinforced concrete beams with fiber reinforced polymer and steel reinforcement : Mahmoud Baniahmadi
  17. Evaluation of upgradable transitional shelter desings in tropical climate : Hasibul Bari Razib
  18. Finite element analysis of corbel to beam connection under static load : Chong Yee Horng
  19. Finite element analysis of fast-track wall housing system : Somaieh Hatami
  20. Interaction between diaphragm and shear wall for instability resistance of structure : Mohammad Ahmadi
  21. Kelakuan sambungan sambat bersama bar pilin dan bar memanjang dalam dinding konkrit pratuang : Shuhaimi Shaedon
  22. Mechanical properties of glass fibre reinforced concrete with palm oil fuel ash : Lee Yee Khai
  23. Mechanical properties of recycled steel fibre reinforced concrete : Lim Lion Yee
  24. Modelling of horizontal shear interaction in composite slab using cartesian connector element : Shaikh Badarudeen Shaik Alaudeen
  25. Nonlinear finite element analysis of multi-layers slim IBS beams : Navid Ranjbar
  26. Non-linear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete beam half-joints : Wong Chuan Yip
  27. Numerical analysis of precast prestressed hollow core slab with concrete topping under shear loading : Lee Kean Teong
  28. Numerical analysis on static load capacity of prestressed concrete sleepers under hypothetical bearing pressure distribution : Wan Azlan Wan Abdul Rashid
  29. Performance of concrete with uncrushed palm oil shell as coarse aggregate : Tai Kah Mon
  30. Performance of hidden beam to column connection for precast concrete frames : Nubailah Abd. Hamid
  31. Properties of glass fiber reinforced self compacting concrete : Wong Choon Siang
  32. Punching shear resistance of flat slab with various types of shear reinforcement : Oday Hamzah Hammood
  33. Response of air traffic control tower with pendulum tuned mass damper under earthquake loading (RESTRICTED) : Nurul Norhamizah Mohd. Pauzi
  34. Seismic behaviour of shallow foundation with sand isolator : Ali Fallah
  35. Sensitivity study of blind bolted end-plate connection on structural hollow section : Tang Xue
  36. Strength properties of fly ash based geopolymer concrete containing bottom ash : Alireza Dehghan Najmabadi
  37. Strengthening of reinforced concrete columns using FRP fabric : Shujaatullah Sheikh
  38. Structural condition assessment of reinforced concrete jetty structure : Hayati Md. Zin
  39. Structural performance of palm oil fuel ash-fly ash geopolymer concrete beams : Ramin Andalib
  40. Structural system analysis and design for safe house : Mohammad Rezaeanpakizeh
  41. The assessment of reinforced concrete solid floor slabs subjected to combined actions of vertical and lateral load : Nin Ka Yik
  42. The effectiveness of metal straps strengthening in layers at high strength concrete column (RESTRICTED) : Kelly Wong Chien Soon
  43. The finite element analysis of high modal dynamic responses of composite floor due to human motion induction : Arash Behnia
  44. The influence of different types and arrangements of reinforcement on capacity of concrete wide beams : Seyed Esmaeil Mohammadyan Yasouj
  45. The reliability of ‘Development length test and ultimate load test’ on prestress concrete sleepers : Siti Norbaizura Ali
  46. Workability and strength properties of geopolymer mortars prepared from agro-industrial waste : Nor Hasanah Abdul Shukor Lim