Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. A study on technical requirement of vibration-based techniques for structural assessment of bridges : Azizul Afandi Azizul Akmal
  2. Analysis and design of steel framed building using cold-formed steel and hot-rolled steel : Sim Hong Teck
  3. Analysis of a continuous multicellular curved bridge deck using grillage analogy method : Suriati Ahmad
  4. Analysis of industrialized building system block work with ETABS (Restricted) : Maziar Ghabel Rahmat
  5. Analysis of steel-reinforced concrete -filled steel tubular and concrete-filled steel tubular columns under cyclic loading : Javid Mahlouji
  6. Analytical and numerical modeling of flush end-plate connection system with build-up hybrid beam : Joma Hamed Mohamed Omer
  7. Behaviour of unbonded reinforcement bar anchored in grouted spiral under increasing flexural bending : Yap Sie Horng
  8. Buckling analyses of triaxial weave fabric composites under thermal and mechanical loading : Muhammad Nor Hafidzi Mahat
  9. Comparison of analysis models for semi circular curved box-girder bridge deck : Aso Abdulghafur Faqe Rahim
  10. Computational modelling of hard polyethylene precast panel for temporary supporting of tunnel : Mohammad Khalajmasoumi
  11. Determination of effective cross sectional area of thin-walled cold-formed steel sections under compression : Ayad Abdullah Mohammed Mutafi
  12. Determination of poisson’s ratio value of yellow Meranti Timber : Nurul Husna Abdul Halim
  13. Development of finite element formulation for plate buckling structure : Hassan Amer Ali Al-Gaifi
  14. Development of seismic hazard assessment for Sudan : Abubaker Mohamed Ahmed Osman
  15. Development of structural lightweight concrete mixed with bottom ash : Muhammad Affendi Bahaudin
  16. Dynamic analyses of composite footbridges excited by pedestrian induced loads : Faraz Sadeghi
  17. Dynamic behavior of fiber reinforced composite slab induced by human walking : Leila Soufeiani
  18. Dynamic response prediction of steel frame structure considering semi-rigid connection by applying damper : Masoud Dehkhoda Rajabi
  19. Dynamic response prediction of steel frame structure considering semi-rigid connection : Soroush Sondossi
  20. Dynamic simulation of columns considering geometric nonlinearity : Mostafa Mirshekari
  21. Economic aspect of square hollow section (SHS) in the design of multi-storey unbraced steel frame : Lau Hui Hie
  22. Experimental study on structural behaviour of concrete-corrugated steel composite slab : Ali Abdul Naby Ahmed
  23. Finite element analysis of prestressed concrete box girder bridge : Rebaz Abdulghafoor Othman
  24. Finite element analysis of prestressed pretension concrete T-Beam : Elwalid Adam Ishag Adam
  25. Finite element modeling of composite plates with total imperfect interface subjected to impact loading : Mohamud Abdirahman Ibrahim
  26. Finite element modeling of laminated composite plates with locally delaminated interface subjected to impact loading : Saddam Hussein Ali Abo Sabah
  27. Finite element simulation of rectangular concrete-filled steel-hollow section beam-column structure : Kamyar Bagherinejad Shahrbijari
  28. Finite element simulation of reinforced concrete deep beam with opening strengthened with FRP laminates : Osama Abdulrazak Abdulwahab
  29. Flexural behavior of PFA reinforced concrete beam : Reza Chraghipoor
  30. Flexural behaviour of reinforced geopolymer concrete beam containing palm oil fuel ash and fly ash : Ramy Elfatih Mohammed Mahgoub
  31. Flexural behaviour of steel reinforced brick beam utilizing interlocking brick system : Emad Hosseinpour
  32. Friction Mechanism in IBS blockworks column (Restricted) : Muhammad Zakaria Baderul Hisham
  33. Influence of chemical and mineral admixtures on shrinkage and creep of prepacked aggregate concrete : Hossein Aslani
  34. Influence of independent bent-up bars on the shear capacity of reinforced concrete beams : Saleh Abdullah Saleh Baras
  35. Infuence of diagonal reinforcement with spiral strirrps on shear capacity of coupling beam in shear wall : Omar Abdulrazzaq Taha
  36. Mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete short column-cfrp composite based on abaqus finite element analysis : Pezhman Taghia
  37. Mechanical properties of prepacked aggregate concrete incorporating palm oil fuel ash : Reza Hodjati
  38. Meshfree formulation for inverse frequencies analysis incorporating artificial neural network : Mohd. Zhafri Jamil Abd. Nazir
  39. Meshfree formulation of free vibration of composite beam with partial interaction : Mohd. Al-Akhbar Mohd. Noor
  40. Mitigation of progressive collapse in concrete structure incorporating the GSA linear static procedure : Khalil Mashalpour Fard
  41. Nonlinear finite element modeling for steel beam-column connection attached with top and seat angle : Seyed Hamed Hosseini
  42. Non-linear meshfree formulation of anchored reinforcing bar with bond slip effect : Mohamad Iqbal Badli
  43. Nonlinear Meshree formulation of nonlinear geometric composite beam with slip : Muhammad Sharaffuddeen Suhaimi
  44. One-dimensional Meshfree formulations of composite beam with slip : Mohd. Farhan Mohammad Foad
  45. Open building system towards functional sustainability for an affordable housing in Malaysia (Restricted) : Siw Woo Yiung
  46. Optimal sensor placement using improved simulated annealing algorithm : Tong Khoon Hong
  47. Parametric analysis of corrugated plate by using ansys finite element software : Hajer Satih Abbas
  48. Performance of blended cement self compacting concrete by using slag : Hazhar Ali Hameed
  49. Performance of concrete walls for industrial building systems (Restricted) : Seyed Yaser Mousavi Siamakani
  50. Performance of Kenaf fiber reinforced concrete : Masoud Razavi
  51. Plastic analysis of steel frame with rigid and semi rigid connection : Payam Nazari
  52. Post-tension column for IBS blockwork building system (Restricted) : Zalilah Ayop
  53. Potential of progressive collapse of concrete frame structure using column removal method : Norizati Mohd. Nordin
  54. Potential of progressive collapse of concrete frame structure using column removal method : Nur Aisyah Mat Yusof
  55. Prediction model of underground corrosion on steel pipeline using in-situ parameters : Siti Nor Fariza Mior Mohd. Tahir
  56. Properties of crushed recycled fine aggregate in concrete mixes : Mohd Murad Mohd Syaifu
  57. Simulation of blast-induced failure of case study structure : Mohamed Saakhee Abdul Gafoor
  58. Stability of triaxial weave fabric composites employing finite element model with homogenized constitutive relation : Norhidayah Rasin
  59. The effects of tapered sleeve in improving the anchorage bond of reinforcement bar : Pamela Adeline Lo
  60. The failure of homogenous column of IBS block work system subjected to lateral load (Restricted) : Mousa Abdullah Mohahmmed Hasan
  61. The flexural behaviour of precast reinforced concrete beam for IBS connection (Restricted) : Amir Haddadi
  62. The influence of reinforcement detailing on the ultimate strength of continuous nibs : Badreldin Mohamed Shamseldin Tageldin
  63. The mechanism of failure of structural lightweight concrete infill of IBS blocks subjected to flexural (Restricted) : Mugahed Yahya Hussein Amran
  64. Ujian prestasi sambungan mendatar panel dinding konkrit pratuang : Rozaiman Hassan
  65. Utilizing silica fume for development of concrete strength : Afham Zulhusmi Ahmad