Updated : 21/04/2016

  1. Absorption Energy Of Layered Structures Due To Impact Loading : Koo Shi Qi
  2. Aerated Lightweight Concrete Using Aluminium Powder And Stone Chipping : Lim Che Chien
  3. Behavior Of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Recycle Materials At High Temperatures : Gamal Maged Mohamed
  4. Clamping And Interlocking Effect On Structural Behaviour Of Industrialised Building System Block Works House System (Restricted) : Lee Shu Chi
  5. Comparison Between Eurocodes And British Standards In The Design For Simply Supported Bridge : Nurul Nadia Hasbullah
  6. Composite Honeycomb Core Sandwich Plate With Facesheet Indentation Model Subjected To Low-Velocity Impact : Siti Hasyyati Drahman
  7. Construction Stage Analysis Of A Post-Tensioned Segmental Crosshead : Liew Tian Fuh
  8. Cost Comparison Between Post-Tensioned And Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab : Siti Wan Marhamah Zaid
  9. Cost Optimization Of Structural Steel Works : A Case Study On Sky Bridge : Mohd Zariman Jaafar
  10. Creep Analysis Of 2-Span Continuous And Integral Bridge Beams : Ahmad Adib Saaidin
  11. Deformation Behaviour Of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing High Volume Palm Oil Fuel Ash : Mohammad Mahbur Rahman
  12. Development Of Self Compacting Lightweight Concrete Made Of Palm Oil Clinker : Ilya Joohari
  13. Economic Aspects Of Weight Saving In The Design Of Braced Steel Frames Using BS5950 And EC3 : Taher Yaseen Taher
  14. Effect Of Sand Content On Aerated Lightweight Made Using Aluminium Dust : Canarisa Nipi Ah Lian
  15. Experimental Of Friction In Post-Tensioned Industrialised Building System Blockwork Column (Restricted) : Murtada Sadah Mohsin
  16. Finite Element Modeling Of Low-Velocity Impact On Woven Laminated Plates Incorporating Failure Criteria : Sheikh Fakhruradzi Abdullah
  17. Flexural Perfomance Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam : Isa Mallum
  18. Flexural Strenght Of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Under Elevated Temperature : Cheong Lip Sing
  19. High Strength Green Concrete By Using Biomass Aggregate : Tang Hing Kwong
  20. Inclined Link As Shear Reinforcement In Reinforced Concrete Beam : Aminuddin Suhaimi
  21. Interlocked Reinforced Concrete Precast Slab Using Steel Butterfly Joints (Restricted) : Mohd. Johan Mohamed Ibrahim
  22. Investigation On The Behavior Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Under Flexural Loading : Hazman Hamat
  23. Isogeometric Analysis Of Plane Stress Structure : Chum Zhi Xian
  24. Isogeometric Analysis Of Plate Structure : Saynie Lim Say Nie
  25. Linear Comparison Of Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Jacketed Beams : Poon Chuan Kit
  26. Mechanical Properties Of Concrete By Using Recycle Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) As Sand Replacement : Nor Hafizah Mohd. Suhadis
  27. Mitigation Methods Of Progressive Collapse For A 10-Storey Reinforced Concrete Structure : Reza Naghshbandi
  28. Non-Probabilistic Artificial Neural Network Incorporating Uncertainties In Vibration Based Damage Detection : Khairul Hazman Padil
  29. Parametric Study Of Cross Section Capacity Of Interlocking Block Column : Nurul Ain Nabilah Mamat
  30. Penetration Of Fiber-Reinforced Composite Laminates Struck By Conical-Nosed Projectiles Under Low Velocity Impact Loading : Alireza Momenzadeh
  31. Performance Of Steel Fiber Lightweight Concrete Made Of Palm Oil Clinker : Noor Atiqa Shahrina Johan Shah
  32. Response Surface Methodology For Damage Detection Using Frequency And Mode Shapes : Sarehati Umar
  33. Second Order Effect Calculation Of Reinforced Concrete Column Based On Eurocode 2 : Marina Omar
  34. Seismic Behaviour Of Low-Ductile Moment Resistance Frame Under Far Field Earthquake Excitations Considering Soft-Storey Phenomenon : Qotrunnada Abdul Rahman
  35. Simulation Of Brick Masonry Wall Behaviour Under Cyclic Lateral Lading Using Finite Element Method : Teh Khean Siang
  36. Soil Corrosivity Condition Index For Buried Steel Pipeline : Fatimah Aqilah Mohamad Nazim
  37. Strength Properties Of 10 Milimeters Timber Clinker Aggregate Concrete : Chai Teck Jung
  38. The Effect Of Diaphragm Beam On Bridge Girder : Ahmad Faisal Mohd. Ghazali
  39. The Effect Of Rice Husk As Sand Replacement On The Mechanical Properties Of Concrete : Marenawati Abd. Malek
  40. The Optimum Location Of Shear Wall In Multi Storey Building : Nazmi Dhiyauddin Che Jamaludin Mahmud
  41. Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Prepacked Concrete Containing Palm Oil Fuel Ash : Abdolhamid Vahedi
  42. Timber Clinker As Partial Replacement Of 20 Milimeters Natural Coarse Aggregate In Concrete : Loo Khee Hui
  43. Use Of Aluminium Powder In The Production Of Lightweight Concrete : Tan Khern Wee