Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Comparison Between Superpave Gyratory And Marshall Laboratory Compaction Methods : Naeem Aziz Memon
  2. Evaluation Of Properties Of Cold In Place Recycling Material : A Case Study : Irfan Khan Jhatial
  3. Evaluation Of The Compactive Effort On The Stripping Characteristic Of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Mixtures : Suthagaran A/I Subramaniam
  4. Evaluation On Aggregate Effective Specific Gravity As Related To Marshall Volumetric Properties : Shahreena Melati Rhasbudin
  5. Evaluation On Properties Of Tender Mixes : Zanariah Abdul Rahman
  6. Kelakuan Pemandu Ketika Masa Amber Dalam Kawasan Taman Perumahan : Alwee Hj Othman
  7. Permeability In Malaysia Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures : Nur Syahriza Muhd Nor
  8. The Aggregate Degradation Characteristics Of Stone Mastic Asphalt SMA Mixtures : Norliza Mohd Akhir
  9. The Effects Of Nominal Maximum Aggregate Size On The Properties Of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Gyratory Compactor : Elizabeth Chong Eu Mee
  10. The Relationship Between Marshall Stability, Flow And Rutting Of The New Malaysian Hot- Mix Asplalt Mixtures : Mukhtar Elseddig