Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Comparison Between The RTFOT And The Presure Aging Vessel Aging Simulation Test : Ahmed Moftah Saleh
  2. Comparison Of Bulk Specific Gravity By Saturated Surface Dry Method And Vacuum Scaling Method : NoorAzah Abdul Raman
  3. Determination Of Mixing And Compacting Temperatures For Hot Mix Asphalt : Noorafidah Ithnin
  4. Effects Of Air Void And Porosity On Moisture Damage Of Malaysian Specialty HMA : Hamed Abdul Gader Dow
  5. Engineering Properties And Structural Performance Of Rubberized Concrete Paving Bloks : Ling Tun Chai
  6. Evaluation Of Marshall Of Asphalt Mixtures With Aggregate Gradation The Bailey Method : Rosmawati Mamat
  7. Evaluation Of Stone Mastic Asphalt Using Palm Oil Fuel Ash As Filler Material : Noor Azreena Kamaluddin
  8. Platoon Dispersion Factors For Traffic On Single – Carriageway Road : Banny Apriansyah
  9. Short Term Ageing Effects On Asphalt Binder : Tiong Hwa Nguong
  10. The Determination Of The Texture Depth, Skidding Resistance And Roughness Index Of Various Bituminours Road Surfaces : Arafat Suleiman Yero
  11. The Effect Of Mix Design System On Stripping Potential Of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture : Ahmed Mohamed Esarwi
  12. The Environmental Effect On The Cooling Rate Of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement : Wardati Hashim
  13. The Relationship Of Bitumen Content Aggregate Surface Area And Extraction Time Using Asphalt Ignition Furnace : Tran Trang Nhat