Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Aggregate And Binder Application Rate With Defferent Number Of Passes For Surface Dressing Performance : Ashrif Masoud A .Saad
  2. Assessment Of Parking Demand Impact On Adjoining Roadway Network : Wan Nur Aliffa Wan Ramli
  3. Comparison Between Marshall Strength Properties And Rutting Potential : T Niki Haikal
  4. Delays At Unsignalised Junction : Ong Hock Chye
  5. Development Of Software For Rigid Pavement Thickness Design : Mohd Khairul Idham Mohd Satar
  6. Effect Of Small Scale Discontinuities On Rock Strengths : Nurul Ainain Mohd Salim
  7. Effect Of Various Types Of Traffic Signal System On Red- Light Running : Melani Hasim
  8. Evaluation Of Effect Of Traffic Signal Coordination System On Congestion : Mahmood Mahmoodi Nesheli
  9. Evaluation Of Effect Of Variable Message Signs On Traffic Surveillance : Arash Moradkhani Roshanden
  10. Evaluation Of Elastomer Modified Asphaltic Concrete Using Cantabro Test : Farah Nadiah Abdul Rahim
  11. Evaluation Of Methods To Determine Bitumen Content Of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture : Elhusain A M Mahroug
  12. Influence On Unsignalised Road Junction Spacing On Traffic Flow : Noornadia Arif Mohd S
  13. Invertigations Of Factors Affecting Pendulum Test Value On Asphaltic Concrete Surfaces : Sudesh Nair A/l Baskara
  14. Laboratory Performance Of Semi-Rigid Mixture : Zakariya Y.Mahssin
  15. Landuse Modelling For Population Growth Case Study : Skudai Town : Garang Teng Kin Tai
  16. Modelling Of Trip Generation Based On School Attraction : Rosnita Ab Rahman
  17. Performance Of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Bailey Method : Samikhan Muhammad
  18. Performance Of Modified Cold Dense Graded Asphalt Mix Using Oil Palm Fruit Ash : Azeana Abdullah
  19. Relationship Between International Roughness Index (IRI) And Present Serviceability Index (PSI) : Amminudin Ab.Latif
  20. Skid Resistance And The Effect Of Temperature : Mohd Amin Shafii
  21. Software Development For Flexible Pavement Thickness Design Based On ATJ Manual : Yeo Pei Pei
  22. Software Development For Flexible Pavement Thickness Design Based On Aastho And Road Note 31 : Chang Tun Hua
  23. The Effect Of Catalyst On Soil Stabilization By Application Of Lime : Wan Ewirda Wan Zalik
  24. The effect Of Epoxy Bitumen Modification On Hot Mix Asphalt Properties And Rut Resistance : Dorina Anak Astana