Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. A study on marine sand as a jointing material for concrete block pavement : Grawira Ganjur Giwangkara
  2. Adhesion On Different Rate Of Binder And Aggregate For Chip Seal : Nor Ikhwan Khalid
  3. Assessment Of Multi-Timed Urban Road Network Under Cluster Condition : Ali Paydar
  4. Assessment Of Pedestrian And Motorized Traffic-Mix In Town : Arman Khanjanzadeh
  5. Comparative Assessment Of Road Network Trip Distribution Using Growth Factor And Gravity Modeling Techniques : Amir Hossein Pakshir
  6. Comparative Assessment Of Signalized And Unsignalized Roadway Intersections : Ahmed S A Abdelgalil
  7. Comparative Assessment Of Trip Generation Category Analysis And Regression Modelling Techniques : Javid Ashenagar
  8. Design Consideration For Motorists At Urban Four-Arm Signalize Intersection : Iman Abbaszadeh Fallah
  9. Indirect Tension Test Of Hot Mix Asphalt As Related To Temperature Changes And Binder Types : Akrima Abu Bakar
  10. Influence Of Road Humps On Speed-Density Relationship : Abolghasem Zalfi Garkoroudi
  11. Pedestrian Delay At Zebra Crossing Facility : Nadra Mutiara Sari
  12. Performance Of Asphaltic Concrete Using Steel Slag As Aggregate Replacement : Mohd Fahmi Mohamad Sabri
  13. Performance Of Porous Asphalt Using Steel Slag As Aggregate Replacement : Mohd Anwar Sahul Hameed
  14. Performance Of Stone Mastic Asphalt Using Steel Slag As Aggregate Replacement : Mohd Azizi Abdul Aziz
  15. Road accident analysis factors : Hamed Esmaeeli
  16. Structural behaviour of pre-fabricated composite pad footing foundation using cold-formed steel lipped channel sections : Wong Kah Leong
  17. Study on the skidding performance of stone mastic asphalt : Mohd Noor Asyraf Amiruddin