Updated : 05/05/2016

  1. Comparative analysis of level of service (LOS) under varying lightening conditions : Seyed Hosseini Hosseini
  2. Comparative analysis of stage and phase signal control of a signalised intersection : Akinmade Oluwatosin Daniel
  3. Determining roadway capacity using direct empirical methods : Aminu Suleiman
  4. Effects of Traffic volume on red-light running at fixed-time traffic signal system : Nor Syaziana Mohd Radzi
  5. Evaluation of stone mastic asphalt using fly ash, cement and hydrated lime as mineral filler : Wasid Farooq Reshi
  6. Extent of road lighting impact on highway capacity : Nima Jahandar
  7. Fatigue life of hot mix asphalt mixtures : Ammar Ali Abdulridha
  8. Impacts of road safety stratagems on accident reduction in urban areas : Mohammad Norshazni Mohammad Azmi
  9. Improving rutting resistance of concrete block pavement : Fares Saleh Tarhuni
  10. Laboratory rutting performance of polymer modified asphalt mix : Suriani Hassin
  11. Moisture susceptibility of Malaysian hot mix asphalt mixture : Nurfadzlin Mohamed Yusof
  12. Red light running at fixed-time and vehicle actuated traffic signal control system in urban and sub-urban area : Shafini Halim