Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Adhesion of chip seal using different type of pre-coating material : Marlina Samsudin
  2. Comparative analysis of free flow and capacity restrained traffic assignments : Dastan M. Khaleel
  3. Delay at priority junctions on low speed roads during twilight time : Mohammad Ali Sahraei
  4. Determine the impact of road humps on travel time : Seyed Mehrdad Ghaemi
  5. Determining the impact of volume to capacity ratio on travel time : Abdulrahman Hassan Shuaibu
  6. Driver’s merging gap at midblock U-turn on divided multilane highway : Sh. Nurrul Hazwani Sayed Abdullah
  7. Effect of aggregate moisture on adhesion of chip seal : Nur Hizaruddin Che Ajid
  8. Effect of dust on the adhesion of chip seal : Mohd. Izzat Joohari
  9. Effect of long term oven aging on mechanical properties of polymer modified asphalt : Mohd. Ibrahim Mohd. Yusak
  10. Effect of overheating of bitumen on hot mix asphalt properties : Nurfazilah Mat Salleh
  11. Effectiveness of Monorail transportation in Kuala Lumpur : Zulhilmi Harman
  12. Effects of gradient on speed of vehicles on an Iranian single carriageway road : Ida Ghobakhlou
  13. Extent of highway traffic shockwave velocity propagations by road humps : Johnson Olufemi Adebayo
  14. Extent of road lighting impact on the quality of roadway service : Aztri Yuli Kurnia
  15. Feasibility study on Palm Oil Fuel Ash (POFA) as bitumen modifier : Nor Asma Ali Akbar
  16. Indicative tests for cracked asphalt pavement sealant performance : Halmat Gharib Khidhir
  17. Scoring assessment of regional materials for green highway : Syafiqah Syafruddin
  18. The effect of aggregate temperature on HMA properties : Norhidayah Mohamed
  19. The effects of rubber dipping by-product as bitumen modifier in stone mastic asphalt : Siti Nur Aisyah Salahuddin