Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Aggregate flakiness influences on AC14 towards resilient and creep modulus : Muhammad Faiz Abd Rahman
  2. An investigation on vehicle overloading in Muar – Melaka road : Hazlina Marwan
  3. Applicability of SIDRA for heterogeneous traffic : Mohamed Ahmed Abdelhadi Elsayed
  4. Driver’s merging gap acceptance at roundabout : Shaza Farouk Azhari Hassan
  5. Effect of aging on asphaltic concrete containing rubber by using loss abrasion : Diana Naubi
  6. Effect of fine aggregate angularity on rutting resistance of asphalt concrete AC10 : Izzul Ramli
  7. Effect of modified Sasobit on performance asphalt mixture : Nurulain Che’ Mat
  8. Effect of palm oil fuel ash (POFA) fineness on the properties of asphaltic concrete AC 14 : Abdulmalik Musa Maleka
  9. Effect of skewness on delay at signalized intersection : Hardi Saadullah Fathullah
  10. Effect of transverse rumble strips on traffic flow fundamental diagram : Ali Torkzadeh
  11. Establishment of sustainable design criteria for Malaysian Green Highway index : Nazurah Zahidah Umar Baki
  12. Evaluation of bond strength between hot mix asphalt and stone mastic asphalt surfacing layer : Vrida Ingrid Velian
  13. Evaluation of bond strength between hot mix asphalt surfacing layers : Liew Yee Shian
  14. Evaluation of skidding performance of asphalt surface using Griptester and British Skid Pendulum device : Nur-ul Balqes Md. Zaid
  15. Extent of roadway capacity shift resulting from midblock U-Turn facilities : Nurfarahin Misbah
  16. Extent of traffic shockwave propagation induced by midblock U-Turn facilities : Nurul Farhana Jailani
  17. Factors influencing the strength of foamed bitumen : Mohd. Yazip Matori
  18. Influence of aggregate flakiness on marshall properties for asphaltic concrete (AC14) mixtures : Mohd Daud Jarkasi
  19. Influence of flaky aggregate on marshall properties for asphaltic concrete AC 20 mixture : Zaini Abd Karim
  20. Influence of flaky aggregate towards creep and resilient modulus on asphalt concrete 20 : Mohd Zul Hanif Mahmud
  21. Performance of micro surfacing on expressway : Nazaruddin Jamion
  22. Performance of warm mix asphalt containing Sasobit : Yassar Talib Nijris
  23. Properties of asphalt concrete incorporating crumb rubber through dry process : Rabee Abdaljaleel Hasen
  24. Relationship of rutting and roughness and resilient modulus of flexible expressway pavements : Zinatul ‘Ashiqin Mohd. Noor
  25. The effect of aggregate’s angularity on engineering properties and performance of porous asphalt : Nadhir Ahmad Tarmuzi
  26. The effect of aging on asphalt mix : Ali Moghaddasi
  27. The effect of fine aggregates angularity on marshall properties of asphalt concrete AC10 : Khairil Azman Masri
  28. The effect of rubber dipping by-product on bitumen properties : Ruzaini Mohamad Khalid
  29. The effect of time dependent on the absorption of asphaltic concrete : Thanwa Filza Nashruddin
  30. Traffic impact assessment of new commercial developments in the neighborhoods of Skudai town : Nazir Huzairy Zaki
  31. Trip generation rate of fast-food restaurants in Johor Bahru area : Ahmed Abdulameer Hussein
  32. Utilization of building debris recycled aggregate in asphalt binder course mixture : Ahmed M. A. Abu Draz