Updated : 26/04/2016

  1. Effect of fineness coconut shell charcoal ash on the rheological properties of bitumen : Nurul Najihah Mad Rosni
  2. Effects of change in expressway traffic lane configuration on flow rate, speed and density relationship : Mohd. Shahrir Amin Ahmad
  3. Evaluation of crack relief for airport runways : Ashraf Ahmad Zaini
  4. Evaluation of crack relief layer for roads and highways : Khairul Hafiz Mustafa
  5. Level of service analysis of selected walkways corridors in Johor Bahru : Abubakar Sadeeq Balarabe
  6. Modification of asphalt binder with various percentages of crumb rubber in flexible pavement : Zohair Ahmed Altieb Ahmed
  7. Performance of asphaltic concrete incorporating SBR subjected to aging : Faisal Mohammed Mohammed Salah