Updated : 20/04/2016

  1. Characteristics Of Ferrocement Sandwich Aerated Concrete Wall Elements Incorporating Pozzolanic Waste Materials : Taha Mehman Navaz
  2. Durability And Thermal Gravimetric Analysis Of High Volume Palm Oil Fuel Ash Concrete : Shehu Ibrahim Abubakar
  3. Engineering Properties And Durability Of Geopolymer Concrete Using Blended Ash Pfa And Pofa : Mohd. Azreen Mohd. Ariffin
  4. Experimental Behaviour Of Exterior Hybrid Precast Concrete Beam-To-Column Connections Subjected To Monotonic Load : Lim Jee Hock
  5. Integrated Bridge Health Monitoring, Evaluation And Alert System Using Neuro-Genetic Hybrid : Reni Suryanita
  6. Multi-Criteria Decision Framework For Seismic Retrofitting Of Low-Rise Buildings : Reza Pashaei
  7. Optimization Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete As Concrete Topping In Composite Slab Construction : Noor Nabilah Sarbini
  8. Performance Of Load-Bearing Precast Concrete Wall With Base Isolation Subjected To Seismic Loadings : Patrick Tiong Liq Yee
  9. Seismic Performance Of Continuous Link Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections Subjected To Earthquake Loading : Mohammadamin Azimi
  10. Seismic Performance Of Innovative Double Layer Space Shear Wall : Behzad Bayat
  11. Structural Behaviour Of An Innovative Precast Cold-Formed Steel Ferrocement As Composite Beam : Talal M H F Alhajri
  12. Structural Behaviour Of Slender High-Strength Concrete Column Confined With Lateral Pre-Tensioning Steel Straps Confinement (Restricted) : Ma Chau Khun
  13. The Behaviour Of Buckling Restrained Brace System At Elevated Temperature : Elnaz Talebi
  14. The Effect Of Blanket Layers As Isolation And Damping System In Embankment And Dams Under Earthquake (Restricted) : Behrouz Gordan