UG GT 2016

  1. Geomorphology Of Mount Kinabalu Contributed To The Occurrence Of Debris Flow After Earthquake : Audrey Gale Joenoi
  2. Geo-Morphology Of Karak Highway Contributed To Debris Flow : Nor Zarina Chok
  3. Geomorphology And Lineament Patterns Contribute To The Geological Hazard Occurrence In Cameron Highlands : Zairinhani Binti Zulkifly
  4. Unconfined Compressive Strength And Microstructural Characterization Of Magnesium Chloride Treated Marine Clay : Amalien Aisyah Binti Mohamed
  5. Soil Compaction For Natural Laterite Soil : Amirah Nazihah Binti Amir Husain
  6. Effect Of Coarse Sand On Shear Strength Of Sand Matrix Soils : Anugrah Akbar Perdana Bin An-Nisa
  7. Eveluation Of Shear Strength Of Soil Between Multistage Direct Shear Test And Conventional Direct Shear Test Results :  Hateem Amin Bin Azhar
  8. Strength And Microstructure Of Marine Clay Stabilized With Small Percentage Of Magnesium Chloride : Hazwan Adib Bin Jahidin
  9. Predicting Geotechnical Value Based On Soil Resistivity Using Hybrid Artificial Neural Network-Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm : Mark Ruben Anak Upom
  10. Effect Of Various Sizes Of Recycle Blended Granite On Plasticity Index Of Treated Marine Clay : Mastura Bt Mohamed Amin
  11. Effect Of Grading Characteristic Of Sand On Direct Shear Resistance Of Sand Matrix Soil : Mohamad Hafifi Bin Azmi
  12. Tensile Behavior Of Sandstones Under Direct And Indirect Tensile Tests :  Mohamad Lukman Hakim Bin Mustapha
  13. Comparison Of Shear Strength Of Compacted Laterite Soil Using Different Compaction Method : Mohammad Haziq Bin Rosly
  14. Effect Of Strength Anisotropic In Shale : Mohd Afnan Bin Saat
  15. Comparison Between Permeability Of Fresh Compacted Laterite Soil And Used Compacted Laterite Soil :  Muhamad Asyraf Bin Kamisan
  16. The Bearing Capacity Of Marine Clay Treated With Optimum Percentage Of Magnesium Chloride :  Muhammad Firdaus Bin Roslan
  17. Effect Of Joint Roughness Coefficient On Discontinuity Shear Strength : Noor Husna Binti Abdul Malik
  18. Effect Of Various Size Of Recycle Blended Granite (Rbg) On Compaction Characteristics To Treated Marine Clay : Nuradiha Najla Hidayu Binti Adib
  19. Soil Classification : Nurfadzilah Binti Mohd Jasni
  20. Estimation Of Hydraulic Conductivity For Unsaturated Soil : Nurfarahin Aqiella Binti Roshizam
  21. Soil Density Parameter Of Beach At Teluk Gorek : Nurul Afifi Syarkina Binti Azhar
  22. Fitting Method For Soil-Water Characteristic Curve : Nurul Amalinna Binti Mohd Nadzri
  23. Effect Of Climate Change On Soil Properties At Teluk Gorek : Nurul Shafikah Binti Ma’rof
  24. Unconfined Compressive Strength Of Compacted Magnesium Chloride Treated Marine Clay : Zafri Nasrullah Bin Mohamed Ali