UG SM 2016

Updated : 20/04/2016

  1. Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Containing Fly Ash And Ceramic Tiles Aggregate : Abd Khareez Bin Kasbulah
  2. Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Containing Waste Ceramic Materials : Amirul Asyraf B Mohammad
  3. Buckling Behavior Of Cold-Formed Steel Compression Member Z-Section : Abdullah Yahya Abdullah Obaid
  4. Timber Shear Strength Parallel To The Grain : Abdulrahman Abdulwahab Abduljabbar Abdulrazzaq
  5. Assessment Of Existing Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Subjected To Earthquake Loading : Ahmad Syakir Bin Zakaria
  6. Analysis And Modelling Of Circular Water Tank : Amir Syazwan Bin Mohamad
  7. Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Containing Ldpe Waste As An Artificial Aggregates : Anas Mohammed Ahmed Bin Naji
  8. Effects Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete On The Connections Of Precast Columns And Beams : Chai Chang Ein
  9. Effect Of Mixing Constituent Toward Engineering Properties Of Fly Ash Cement-Based Aerated Concrete : Che Muhammad Fatihi Hafifi Bin Che Wahid
  10. Artificial Neural Network For Modelling Ultimate Capacity Of Frp-Confined Concrete Subjected To Axial Loads : Chin Chee Loong
  11. Earthquake Damping Device For Steel Frame : Dezoura Delfy Noris
  12. Simulation Of Thermal Behavior Of Agro-Industrial Aerated Concrete : Elyban Dolois
  13. Influence Of Fly Ash And Palm Oil Clinker As Replacement Of Cement And Fine Aggregate In Mortar : Fatin Amira Binti Zainal Abidin
  14. Seismic Performance Of Conventional Built-Up Battened Column Under Quasi-Static Cyclic Loading : Gerry Brandon Stanley
  15. Analysis And Modeling Of Circular Water Tank : Hafizuddin Bin Isa
  16. Concrete Beam Reinforced With Galah Bamboo : Hamza Yousif Elkhider
  17. Kajian Ke Atas Sambungan Keluli Terbentuk Sejuk Rasuk Bersaiz 200 Mm Ke Tiang Menggunakan Kaedah Unsur Terhingga : Hannis Khazwany Binti Mohmad Kadir
  18. Performance Of Geopolymer Concrete Using Waste Glass As Fine Aggregate Replacement : Hasanah Binti Kamaruddin
  19. Self Healing Concrete Using Effective Microorganism (Em) : Hasliza Amira Binti Mohd Hashim
  20. The Effect On Reactive Silica Concrete Containing Eggshell Waste Powder On Pozzolanic Reaction : Hazri Bin Khalik
  21. Behaviour Of Precast Beam-Column Connection Constructed With Self Compacting Concrete And Steel Fibre : Huong Liong Yew
  22. Shear Strength Of Yellow Meranti Wood Parallel To Grain Direction : Husam Ali Saad
  23. Behaviour Of Proposed Truss Shear Wall Replacing Existing Rc Type Shear Wall Subjected To Earthquake Loading : Jabarudin Bin Mohammad Burah
  24. Buckling Behavior Of Compression Member Of Cold-Formed Steel C-Section : Kamel Nihad Mohammed Alshobaki
  25. Mechanical Properties Of Lightweight Foamed Concrete With 1% Polycarboxylate Ether-Based Superplasticizer : Lemba Anak Bennet
  26. Nonlinear Response Of A Building Under Soil Structure Interaction : Lim Eng Chuan
  27. Behavior Of Cold-Formed Frame Wall Panel Under Combined Lateral And Gravity Loadings : Lim Teck Thong
  28. Displacement Measurement Of Structural Response Using Matlab Image Processing And Object Tracking : Lim Yee Chih
  29. Behaviour Of Rice Husk-High Density Polyethylene(Hdpe) Bio Composites Profile Decking Structure Under Bending Load Using Finite Element Modelling : Lim Yit Soo
  30. Strain Measurement Of Structural Response From Known Nodal Displacement Using Numerical Method : Mohamad Fakhry Bin Maruti @ Ezani
  31. Comparison Between Diagrid Building And Conventional Building : Mohamad Firdaus Bin Zulkiflee
  32. Tegasan Ikatan Antara Tetulang Keluli Dan Grout : Mohamad Hafizuddin Bin Marinamarican
  33. Seimis Performance Of Modified Built Up Batten Column Under Quasi Static Cyclic Loading : Mohamad Luqman Bin Mohd Akhrir
  34. Dam Break Test For Scaled Flat Slab Structural System : Mohamad Ridzuan Bin Mat Yasim
  35. The Application Of Total Station In Measuring The Movement Of The Structure : Mohamad Shahrul Bin Saidi
  36. Concrete Beam Reinforced With Gigantochloa Apus Bamboo : Mohammed Yaslam Mohammed Basalib
  37. Diagrid Building : Mohd Shahrul Anwar Bin Hamdan
  38. Physical And Mechanical Properties Of High Volume Palm Oil Waste In Concrete : Muhamad Faiz Bin Abd Rahim
  39. The Effect Of Reactive Silica Concrete Containing Eggshell Powder On Hydration And Strength Development : Muhamad Fekry Bin Murhazan
  40. Bond Strength Between Deformed Steel Reinforcement Bar And Fibre Reinforced Grout : Muhamad Shafiq Annas Bin Sapri
  41. No Fines Concrete Added With Rapia String : Muhammad Amin Bin Zahabidin
  42. Flexural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Cold-Formed C-Channel Section As Reinforcement : Muhammad Dinie Naqiruddin Bin Jafri
  43. Dam Break Test For Scale Slab Beam Dom-Ino House Structural System : Muhammad Hanafi Bin Roslan
  44. Seismic Test For Scale Slab Beam Structural Analysis. : Muhammad Kamil Bin Yahya Ariff
  45. A Study Of Mixing Constituent On Aerated Concrete Toward Physical, Mechanical And Thermal Properties : Muhammad Mustaza Bin Abd Kadir
  46. Influence Of Length To The Lateral Capacity Of Diagrid System : Nadia Farhana Binti Zulkifli
  47. Lateral Resistance Of Different Height Of Diagrid System : Nadia Farhanis Binti Zulkifli
  48. Design And Reanalysis Of Pile Cap Due To Pile Failure (4 Piles) : Nadzirah Binti Mohd Fozi
  49. Performances Of Self Curing Concrete With Palm Oil Clinker As A Fine Aggregate Replacement : Nahirah Binti Mohd Jainar
  50. Design And Reanalysis Of Pile Cap Due To Pile Failure (5 Pile) : Nor Hafizah Binti Hambali
  51. The Effect Of Placing Nominal Bar In Rectangular Section : Noraimidarfila Binti Hud
  52. Behaviour Of Pre-Fabricated Pad Footing Designed Using Cold Formed Steel Section : Nur Adilah Bt Mohd Idrus
  53. Strength Development Of Martian Concrete With 1mm Aggregate By Using Hot-Mixed Method : Nur ‘Afini Binti Dzulkifli
  54. Possibility Of Using Seawater In Concrete Production : Nur Balqis Idayu Binti Mahmad Raseh
  55. Performance Of Minimum Cover Thickness Of Garnet Concrete On Elevated Temperature : Nur Liyana Jamaludin
  56. Bamboo Fibre Geopolymer Concrete : Nurafekah Binti Awang
  57. Design Of Steel Truss Connection Using Matlab : Nurhafizah Ahmad
  58. Flexural Behavior Of Simply Supported Beam Using Cold-Formed C-Channel Section As Reinforcement : Nurhanisah Binti Alias
  59. Software On Analysis On Light Cold Steel Frame In ‘C’ Section By Graphical User Interfave : Nurizaty Binti Zuhan
  60. Kajian Unsur Terhingga Terhadap Sambungan Rasuk Bersaiz 250 Mm Ke Tiang Keluli Terbentuk Sejuk : Nurul Nadia Binti Nordin
  61. Behavior Of Rubber Concrete Cured In Sea Water : Nurul Syahirah Binti Azhar
  62. Parametric Study On The Structural Performance Of Kenaf Sandwich Composites Using Finite Element Analysis : Ong Chin Boon
  63. Modeling Of Confined Hsc Column By Nonlinear Finite Element Method : Ong Kee Yen
  64. Engineering Properties And Impact Strength Of Spiral Ball Steel Fiber In Composite Concrete : Rahim Putra Bin Amran
  65. Design And Analysis Of Optimum Cantilever Retaining Wall With Key : Safinaz Binti Khairul Anuar
  66. No-Fines Concrete With Addition Of Nylon Cable Tie Fibre : Shaziah Nabilah Binti Shir
  67. Mechanical Properties Of Lightweight Foamed Concrete Using 0.5% Superplasticizer : Shim Kan Chyau
  68. Lightweight Concrete Using Fly Ash And Palm Oil Clinker : Siti Asmaa’ Bt Mohd Daud
  69. Design Optimum Dimension Of Cantilever Retaining Wall : Siti Farah Aiman Bt Md Sopian
  70. Performance Of High Strength Concrete With A Minimum Cover When Exposed To High Temperature : Siti Solekah Binti Bahrodin
  71. Moment And Shear Coefficients Of Continuous Beam For Load Set 1 Loading Arrangement : Syahirah Binti Mohd Noor
  72. Effect Of Coconut Fibres On The Mechanical Properties Of The Concrete : Tan Jia Yang
  73. Mechanical Properties Of Bamboo : Teh Nor Shafiqqa Binti Shakri
  74. The Strength Development Of Martian Concrete 5mm By Hot Mix Method : Tengku Nur Shahirah Binti Tengku Azlee
  75. Optimum Pile Replacement Location Due To Pile Failure (6 Pile Group) : Wan Muhamad Rasydan Bin Wan Ahmad Kamal
  76. Experimental Investigation Of Long Interlocking Brick Column Subjected To Eccentric Load : Yew Zhi Hao