Vol 27 Special Issue 1

Special Issue (SEPKA 2014)



Comparative Study of Large Diameter Bored Pile Under Conventional Static Load Test and Bi-Directional Load Test
Vinsensius Viktor Limas & Paulus P. Rahardjo Paper 1 Vol 27 SI 2

Comparison of Noise Prediction and Measurement from Construction Sites
Nadirah Darus, Zaiton Haron & Khairulzan Yahya Paper 2 Vol 27 SI 2

Effect of Fine-Grained Soil Layer Thickness on the Performance of Modified Capillary Barrier System
Gambo Haruna Yunusa, Azman Kassim, & Nurly Gofar Paper 3 Vol 27 SI 2

Performance of Connections Adhesive-Bonded for Cold-Formed Steel
Rackford Bong & Mohd Hanim Osman Paper 4 Vol 27 SI 2

Comparison between the Vibration Performance of LVL-Concrete Composite (LCC) Flooring System Made of Malaysian & New Zealand LVL
Lee Yen Fong, Nor Hayati Abd. Ghafar, Norashidah Abd Rahman, Massimo Fragiacomo, Zainah Ibrahim & Andrew Buchanan Paper 5 Vol 27 SI 2

Point Load Testing of Flexural Behavior of Segmented Tunnel Lining
Siti Norafida Jusoh, Hisham Mohamad, Aminaton Marto & Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus Paper 6 Vol 27 SI 2

The Predilection of Water and Generic Filter as a Medium for Urban Build-Up Sampling
Mahadi Lawan Yakubu & Zulkifli Yusop Paper 7 Vol 27 SI 2

Free-Flow Speed on Two-Lane Rural Highways: An Empirical Evaluation of Estimation Models
Usman Tasiu Abdurrahman, Othman Che Puan & Muttaka Na’iya Ibrahim Paper 8 Vol 27 SI 2

Interaction Between Bedding Sand Thickness and Shell Groove-Underside Shaped Concrete Block Pavement
Azman Mohamed, Hasanan Md Nor, Mohd Rosli Hainin, Haryati Yaacob, Che Ros Ismail & Nur Hafizah Abd Khalid Paper 9 Vol 27 SI 2

Interaction between Cold-Formed Steel and Lightweight Foamed Concrete with Various Cement Content
Cher Siang Tan, Yee Ling Lee, Shahrin Mohammad, Siong Kang Lim & Yeong Huei Lee Paper 10 Vol 27 SI 2

An Evaluation of the Relationship between Fresh Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete Incorporating Blended Palm Oil Fuel Ash and Pulverized Burnt Clay
Ibrahim Ogiri Hassan, Taliat Ola Yusuf, Ainul Haezah Noruzman, Parham Forouzani & Mohammad Ismail Paper 11 Vol 27 SI 2

Properties of Industrial Boiler Ash as Sand Replacement and Thermal Improvement in Aerated Concrete
Eeydzah Aminudin, Mohd Fadhil Md. Din, Mohd Warid Hussin, Kenzo Iwao, Ponraj Mohanadoss & Yo Ichikawa Paper 12 Vol 27 SI 2

Performance of Aerated Concrete Incorporating By-Product from Agro-Industry in Sulphuric Acid
Taha Mehmannavaz, Mohammad Ismail, P. Forouzani, I.O. Hassan, Seyed Mahdi Sajjadi & Mostafa Samadi Paper 13 Vol 27 SI 2

Long-Term Response Prediction of Integral Abutment Bridge under Time-Dependent Effect
Akilu Muhammad, Redzuan Abdullah & Moh’d Salleh Yassin Paper 14 Vol 27 SI 2

Decolorization of Reactive Dyesby Consortiums of Bacteria and Fungi
Ameer Badr Khudhair, Tony Hadibarata & Abdull Rahim Mohd Yusoff Paper 15 Vol 27 SI 2

Flexural Timber Design to Eurocode 5 and the Malaysian Timber Code MS 544: 2001
Shujaatullah Sheikh & Yusof Ahmad Paper 16 Vol 27 SI 2

Effect of Placement Depth of Geocell Reinforcement in Sand Deposit: A Review
Aminaton Marto, Mohsen Oghabi & Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus Paper 17 Vol 27 SI 2