Volume 26 Issue 1 (2014)

Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Concrete Mixtures Made with Sedimentary Lime and Industrial Incinerator Ash
Farshad Maleki Ravasan  26(1) Paper 1  download

Shield Tunneling 3D Numerical Simulation on Three Case Studies
Rafik Demagh, Fabrice Emeriault & Farid Hammoud  26(1) Paper 2

Evaluation of Climate Change Impact on Runoff in The Kainji Lake Basin Using Artificial Neural Network Model (ANN)
Adebayo Wahab Salami, Apalando Abdulrasaq Mohammed & Olayinka Gafar Okeola  26(1) Paper 3

Recycle Tire Isolator as Earthquake Resistance System for Low Rise Buildings
Siow Yun Tong, Anuar Kasa & Siti Aminah Osman  26(1) Paper 4

Water Balance Approach for Assessment of Different Water Supply Conditions in Dahuk Dam
Maher Hussain Solaiman & Arien Heryansyah  26(1) Paper 5

Laboratory Investigation on An Giang Soil Mixed with Dry Cement
Hoang-Hung Tran-Nguyen, Masaki Kitazume, Bich T. Luong & Tuyet T. Bui  26(1) Paper 6

A Review on The Laboratory Model Tests of Tunnels In Soft Soils
Mohsen Hajihassani, Aminaton Marto, Ahmad Mahir Makhtar & Fauziah Kasim  26(1) Paper 7

Towards Implementation and Achievement of Construction and Environmental Quality in The Malaysian Construction Industry
Sim Yeong Liang , Frederik Josep Putuhena , Law Puong Ling & Azhaili Baharun  26(1) Paper 8

Ultraviolet Treatment: A New Potential Technology to Mitigate Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion
Akrima Abu Bakar & Nordin Yahaya 26(1) Paper 9