Volume 28 Issue 1 (2016)



1.Structural Performance of Strengthened Box Steel Beams with Composite Materials
Boshra Eltaly Vol 28(1) Paper 1

2.Maximum Scour Depth at Submerged Skewed Bridge and Pier
Amirsaeed Farhangi, Ahmad Mohammad Ali Thamer, Abdul Halim Ghazali & Badronnisa Yusuf Vol 28(1) Paper 2

3.A Baseline Study of Tropical Phytoplankton Abundance and Its Relationships to The Environmental Variables in The Terengganu River Estuary, Malaysia
Lee Hin Lee, Fredolin Tangang, Fatimah Md Yusoff , Zelina Z. Ibrahim, Mohd Fadhil Kasim & Mohd Afzaihelmi Vol 28(1) Paper 3

4.The Characteristics of Brick Aggregate Concrete on A Basis of Dry Density and Durability
Shohana Iffat Vol 28(1) Paper 4

5.Behaviour of Self-Drilling Screw Upon Single Shear Loading on Cold Formed Steel
Hazlan Abdul Hamid & Mohammad Iqbal Shah Harsad Vol 28(1) Paper 5

6.Finite Element Simulation of Space Trusses Under Seismic Loads
Hala Bakr, Boshra Eltaly, Maher Elabd, & Kameel Kandil Vol 28(1) Paper 6

7.Behaviours of Field Soilcrete Created by A Light Weight Equipment System to Reinforce An Earth Levee in Vietnam
Hoang-Hung Tran-Nguyen, Bao Khac Le & Long Phi Le Vol 28(1) Paper 7

8.Earthquake Response Analysis of A Multistoried RC Building Under Equivalent Static and Dynamic Loading as Per Bangladesh National Building Code 2006
Zasiah Tafheem, Johinul Islam Jihan, Tameem Samdanee, Md. Zahidul Islam & Abu Syed Md. Tarin Vol 28(1) Paper 8

9.An Experimental Factorial Design for ASR Mitigation With Fly Ash
Enamur R. Latifee Vol 28(1) Paper 9

Feasibility Study of Industrial Jarosite Waste As Vital Material for Construction: Positive And Negative Aspects
Piyush Sharma Vol 28(1) Paper 10