Volume 28 Issue 2 (2016)


1.Development of A Microscopic Traffic Simulation for Design and Operational Analysis of Toll Stations
Hassan T. Abdelwahab Vol 28 No 2 Paper 1

2.Evaluation of Soaked and Unsoaked CBR Values of Soil Based on the Compaction Characteristics
S. Muthu Lakshmi, Surya Subramanian, M. P. Lalithambikhai, A. Mithra Vela & M. Ashni Vol 28 No 2 Paper 2

3.Compressive Strength of Concrete With Partial Replacement of Aggregates With Granite Powder and Cockle Shell
Markandeya Raju Ponnada, S Siva Prasad & Harish Dharmala Vol 28 No 2 Paper 3

4.The Effect of Sea Side Quay Wall Roughness and Inclination on Bed Scour Induced by Ship Bow-Thrusters
Elsayed M. Galal, Nezar S. Halabia & Ehab R. Tolba Vol 28 No 2 Paper 4

5.Analytical Study of Natural Draught Cooling Tower Rests on Vertical Foundation Using Finite Element Method
N.V.Vamsee Krishna & K.Rama Mohana Rao Vol 28 No 2 Paper 5

6.Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Daily Rainfall in Wadi Alaqiq, Saudi Arabia
Norhan Abd Rahman, Fahad Alahmadi, Zekai Sen & Saud Taher Vol 28 No 2 Paper 6

7.Performance of Reinforced Concrete Hospital Building Subjected to Earthquake Using Base-Isolation System
Md. Abul Hasan Vol 28 No 2 Paper 7

8.Prediction of Soaked CBR Using Index Properties, Dry Density and Unsoaked CBR of Lean Clay
Sheikh Shahriar Ahmed, Nusaeir Hossain, Abdul Jabbar Khan & Mohammad Shariful Islam Vol 28 No 2 Paper 8

9.Effect of Compactive Efforts on Desiccation – Induced Volumetric Shrinkage Strain of Some Compacted Tropical Soils
Ali Musa Kundiri, Abubakar Sadiq Muhammed & Gabriel Abah Vol 28 No 2 Paper 9

10.Properties of Mortar Reinforced with Natural Horse Hair and Kenaf Fibres
Abdul Rahman Mohd.Sam, Jamilu Usman, Saberali Akbar & Idris Mohd.Yusoff Vol 28 No 2 Paper 10

Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis of Ambikapur District Headquarter of Chhattisgarh State [India]
Ashish Kumar Parashar, Sohanlal Atmapoojya & S.S. Rathore Vol 28 No 2 Paper 11