Volume 29 Issue 3 (2017)


1.Investigation of Mach Cone Development in Ballastless Railway Track Structures over Soft Clays Vol 29(3) Paper 1
Mohamed Ismail Aly, Mohamed El-Shabrawy, Mohamed El Gendy & Ahmed Adel Turk

2.Seismic Safety Evaluation of Abdul Mannan Overpass in Chittagong, Bangladesh Vol 29(3) Paper 2
M. A. Rahman Bhuiyan & Hafizul Alim

3.Analyzing Single Barrettes as Rigid Support by Composed Coefficient Technique Vol 29(3) Paper 3
Mahmoud El Gendy, Hassan Ibrahim & Ibrahim El Arabi

4.Numerical Investigation of Fillet Welds Effects on The Local Buckling of Box Steel Columns Vol 29(3) Paper 4
Seyed Shaker Hashemi, Mehdi Hemmat, Kabir Sadeghi, Mohammad Vaghefi & Amin Masihzadeh

5.Variation of Pavement Design with Environmental Temperature Variation Vol 29(3) Paper 5
Swapan Kumar Bagui, Atasi Das, Kaushlendra Kumar Verma & Soumadeep Bagui

6.Evaluation on The Durability of Concrete Sanitation Networks of Ouargla – Algeria by Non-Destructive Testing Vol 29(3) Paper 6
Mohammed-Amin Boumehraz & Mekki Mellas

7.Strength Properties 0f 10 Millimeters Timber Clinker Aggregate Concrete Vol 29(3) Paper 7
Chai Teck Jung, Ahmad B. Sidek, Chow Tio Kiong,& N.M. Noor

The Risk Rating 0f Delay Risk Factor 0f Road Construction Project in Papua Vol 29(3) Paper 8
Adrian Firdaus, Theresita H. Setiawan, & Evraim L. Sitepu