Volume 30 Issue 1 (2018)


Municipal Solid Waste Management in African Cities: A Case Study of Lagos State, Nigeria Vol 30 No 1 Paper 1
Ogbonna Alban Chidiebere, Mikailu Abubakar & Jiya Gideon Shabako

Downscaling of Daily Average Rainfall of Kota Bharu Kelantan, Malaysia Vol 30 No 1 Paper 2
Muhammad Noor & Tarmizi Ismail

Understanding of Speed Behaviour in Relation to Road Traffic Accident: A Comparison Between Malaysian and Vietnamese Drivers Vol 30 No 1 Paper 3
Farah Fazlinda Mohamad, Ahmad Saifizul Abdullah, Jamilah Mohamad & Mohamed Rehan Karim

Structural Performance of Space Trusses under Fire Vol 30 No 1 Paper 4
Amr M. Ibrahim, Ahmed A. Elshafey, Boshra A. El-taly & Kamel S. Kandil

Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow for Moderate-Slope Stepped Spillways Vol 30 No 1 Paper 5
Bentalha Chakib

Seismic Fragility Assessment and Retrofit of A Government Hospital Building in Chittagong, Bangladesh Vol 30 No 1 Paper 6
Md. AbulHasan & Md. Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan

The Effects of Inclined Shear Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Beam Vol 30 No 1 Paper 7
Nor Fazlin Zamri, Roslli Noor Mohamed, NurHafizah A. Khalid & Kang Yong Chiat

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Medical Facilities: A GIS Based Application for Chittagong, Bangladesh Vol 30 No 1 Paper 8
Ram Krishna Mazumder, Mohammad Tais Uddin Utsob & M. A. Rahman Bhuiyan

Scale Effect on The Shear Strength of Two-Layer Soil Reinforced by Geogrid Vol 30 No 1 Paper 9
Sakine Tamassoki, Reza Z. Moayed, Mohammad Ashkani& Hamidreza Rahimi

Effects of Crude Oil Contaminated Curing Water on Strength Properties of Concrete Prepared for Bridge Sub-Structures Vol 30 No 1 Paper 10
Alban Chidiebere Ogbonna & Mikailu Abubakar

Large Diameter Pile Load Test With A Case Study Using Osterberg – Cell Vol 30 No 1 Paper 11
S. K. Bagui, B. C. Dinesh , Khan Md. Kamal, Ahsan Ahmad Sharif Shajib & Inthaqab Wahid Ruso

Lifetime Extension of Ageing Offshore Structures by Global Ultimate Strength Assessment (GUSA) Vol 30 No 1 Paper 12
Ezanizam Mat Soom, Mohd Khairi Abu Husain, Noor Irza Mohd Zaki, M Nasrul Kamal M Nor & G. Najafian