Materials and Structural Engineering

Analysis and Design of Concrete, Steel and Composite Structures
2. A.S.M. Abdul Awal Concrete Technology, Construction Materials
Tall Building Structures (Wind and Earthquake); Sustainable Housing Design; Industrialised Building System; Bio-Mechanical Design; Information Technology for Construction and Manufacturing
Structural analysis and design for reinfroced concrete, steel and timber
Abdul Karim Mirasa, M.Sc. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Ph.D. (UTM), M.I.E.M, P.Eng,  Professor,
Structural Engineering, Fire Engineering, Concrete and Steel Structures
Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite, High strength concrete, High Performance Concrete, Concrete Technology
High-strength Concrete, Material and Structural Behaviour
Analysis and Design of Steel Structures, Precast Concrete Structures, Industrialized Building System, Steel Transmission Towers
9. Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong, Continuum mechanics and numerical methods
10. Ahmad Mahir Makhtar, M.Phil. (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Ph.D. (Leeds), Associate Professor, Polymer concrete technology, concrete durability, industrialized building system.
11. Ahmad Zaidon Rais, M.Sc. (UMIST), Lecturer, Structural Engineering
12. Ahmadon Bakri, M.Sc. (Bradford), Lecturer, Structural Engineering
13. Airil Yasreen Mohd. Yassin, M.Sc. (UTM), Lecturer, Continuum mechanics and numerical methods
14. Amer Rafique Butha
Concrete Polymer Composite Materials, Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structure
15. Arizu Sulaiman, M.Eng. (UTM), Associate Professor, Steel Technology, Analysis and Design of Structures
16. Azhar Ahmad, M.Sc. (London), D.I.C. M.I.E.M, P.Eng, Lecturer,
Concrete structures, foundation design, construction management and practice.
17. Azlan Abd Rahman, M.Sc. (Surrey), Ph.D. (Surrey), Professor, Forensic Engineering, Structural Appraisal and Assessment
18. Azlan Adnan, M.Eng. (UTM), Ph.D. (UTM), Professor,. Earthquake Engineering
19. Baderul Hisham Ahmad, M.Sc. (Bradford), Associate Professor,
Model Testing for Structures, Analysis and Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures, Management Information System
20. Hamisah Binti Tapsir, PhD (Leeds), Professor Fire Engineering, Structural Engineering, Steel Structures, Masonry Structures, Advanced Composites
21. Hazlan Abdul Hamid, M.Sc. (Kansas), Lecturer, Structural analysis and design, structural mechanics.
22. Izni Syahrizal Ibrahim, M.Eng. (UTM), Ph.D (Nottingham), Senior Lecturer Analysis & Design of Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete,IBS, Precast Concrete Design & Construction
23. Jalil Omar, M.Sc. (Case Western Reserve), Lecturer, Structural Analysis
24. Jamaludin Mohd. Yatim, M.Eng., Ph.D. (UTM), Associate Professor Advanced Composites for Structures, Advanced Materials, Structures and Materials, Structural Analysis and Design, Structural Appraisal
25. Mahmood Tahir, M.Sc. (Nebraska), Ph.D. (Warwick), M.I.E.M, P.Eng, Professor, Analysis and Design of Concrete, Steel and Composite Structures
26. Mohamad Ibrahim Mohamad, M.Sc. (Michigan), Ph.D. (Loughborough), Associate Professor, Construction Management, Structural Appraisal and NDT
27. Mohamad Salleh Yassin, M.Sc. (City), M.I.E.M., P.Eng., Lecturer,. Structural Analysis and Design
28. Mohammad Ismail, M.Sc. (Liverpool), Ph.D. (Aston),  Professor, Forensic Structural Engineering, NDT test, Corrosion of reinforcement, Durability of concrete, Sustainable construction materials
29. Mohd Hanim Osman, M.Sc. (Surrey), Ph.D. (Wales), Associate Professor, Structural Steel Work, Structural Engineering, Experimental Testing
30. Vibration Based Damaged Detection, Artificial Neural Network
31. Mohd Warid Hussin, M.Sc. (Strath.), Ph.D. (Sheffield), M.I.E.M, P.Eng, Professor, Fibre Reinforced Composite, blended cement concrete, Strength performance and durability of concrete
32. Nordin Yahaya, M.Sc. (Cranfield), Ph.D. (Heriot-Watt), Associate Professor, Offshore Structures, Pipeline Engineering, Structural Integrity
33. Norhazilan Mohd. Nor, M.Eng. (UTM), Lecturer, Reliability Engineering, Structural Integrity, Corrosion, Hazard Assessement, Offshore Structures
34. Ramli Abdullah, M.Sc. (Strath.), Ph.D. (Heriott-Watt), Associate Professor, Reinforced Concrete Structures
35. Redzuan Abdullah, M.Eng. (Cornell), Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), Associate Professor, Structural analysis, Finite Element Method, Experimental Research
36. Rosli Anang, M.Eng. (UTM), Lecturer, Construction materials, CAD.
37. Rosli Mohamad Zin, M.Sc. (UPM), Ph.D. (UTM), Associate Professor, Construction Management, Construction Constructability, Construction Safety
38. Rosli Noor Mohammed, M.Sc. (UTM), Lecturer, Structural analysis and design.
39. Roslida Abd. Samat, M.Sc. (Liverpool), Lecturer, Wind engineering, Structural Dynamic, Tall Building
40. Salihuddin Radin Sumadi, M.Sc. (Strath.), Ph.D. (UTM), Professor, Cement Based materials, Lightweight concrete, Cement Replacement material, Non Baked brick, Repairs,  Industrialized Building System
41. Sariffuddin Saad, M.Sc. (Strath.), Ph.D. (Nottingham) Associate Professor, Steel Structures, Structural Analysis
42. Shahrin Mohamed, M.Phil (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Ph.D. (Sheffield), Professor, Steel Structures, Structural Analysis and Design, Quality Assurance and Accreditation
43. Shek Poi Ngian, Structural Engineering, Steel Structures
44. Suhaimi Abu Bakar, M.Eng., Ph.D. (UTM), Associate Professor Timber Engineering, Boundary Element Method, Structural Analysis
45. Tan Cher Siang Structural Engineering, Steel Structures
46. Wahid Omar, M.Sc. (Surrey), Ph.D. (Birmingham), M.I.E.M, P.Eng, Professor, Analysis and Design of Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures, Project Management, Bridge Engineering
47. Wan Zulkifli Wan Yusof, M.Sc. (Loughborough), Associate Professor, Construction Management, Contract Administration
48. Yusof Ahmad, M.Sc. (Bradford), Ph.D (UTM), Senior Lecturer Structural Analysis, Finite Element Method, Engineering Softwares, Timber Engineering, Fiber Reinforced Polymer
49. Zaiton Haron, M.Eng. (UTM), Lecturer, Structural analysis and design. Environmental Acoustics Modelling (Stochastic), Reinforced Concrete Design, Blast Resistant Reinforced Concrete Design, Environmental Management in Construction (Noise)

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