Master of Engineering (MEng) (Geotechnics)

Updated : 20/10/2018

The aim of M. Eng. course in Geotechnical Engineering is to provide a depth understanding on soil behaviour as well analysis and design of geotechnical engineering structures. The target group for this program includes professionals and engineers working in the field of geotechnical engineering related designs such as foundations, retaining structures, highways and  railways foundation, landfills and slope stability problems.  The course is also designed to provide proficiency for continuing studies and research in the respective areas.

Admission Requirements
Candidates should hold a good honours bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or equivalent.  A degree with working experience will also be considered for admission.

Credit Requirements
A student must complete 46 credit hours for graduation. It consists of:
CR MKAJ 2015

University General Elective Courses
(Total: 6 Credits)

Core Courses 
Students are required to take all core courses (Total: 18 Credits)

Elective Courses
Choose any two from the following list (Total: 6 Credits)

Free Elective Courses 
Choose any two courses offered by other programmes, by other faculties or from the above elective courses (Total: 6 Credits)

Masters Project 
Take these two courses (Total: 10 Credits)

Duration of Study:
Full Time: 2 – 8 Semesters


Further information should be directed to:
Dr. Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus
Director of Geotechnics & Transportation

Coordinator, Geotechnical Program
Dr. Dayang Zulaika Abang Hasbollah