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Research 2014

Updated : 01/04/2015

1.   Effect Of Rainfall On The Two-Lane Highway Traffic Stream Characteristics Under Artificial Light Condition Nordiana Binti Mashros PAS 20,000.00
2.   Relationships Between Speed And Traffic Flow Data Based On Spot And Space Measurement Techniques Othman Bin Che Puan Tier 1 26,606.73
3.   Effect Of Clogging On The Properties Of Porous Asphalt Norhidayah Binti Abdul Hassan       Tier 2 E 30,804.20
4.   Percent Time Spent Following Models For Malaysian Twoâ“Lane Highways Othman Bin Che Puan ERGS 134,000.00
5.   Economic Evaluation Of Upstream Detection Strategy Sitti Asmah Binti Hassan PAS 20,000.00
6.   Laboratory Evaluation On The Effect Of Mixture Design On Porous Asphalt Mixture Performance Norhidayah Binti Abdul Hassan PAS 20,000.00
7.   Role of Chemical Warm Asphalt Additive in Recycled Mixture Containing Waste Engine Oil Norhidayah Binti Abdul Hassan FRGS 80,000.00
8. 00G22 Model For Energy Efficiency, Environmental Quality And Material Used In Road Infrastructures Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid UTM                300,000.00
9. 4S042 Development Of Bio-Material For Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Structure Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid MOSTI 270,000.00
10. 4L061   Exploration Of Fiber Optic Distributed Strain Sensing Application For Landslides And Geo-System Performance Detection Hisham Mohamad MOHE 50,000.00
11. 03H77 Development of New Technologies for Interlocking Brick Block Construction Shek Poi Ngian UTM                140,000.00
12. 03H50 Geometrical Effects of Bioinspired Whale Flipper’s Tubercles on Hydro Turbine Blade Performance Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong UTM                140,000.00
13. 03H51 Exploring The interaction of composite beam and slab for multi-storey frame with interlocking brick system produced locally as Industrialized Building System Mahmood Md Tahir UTM                140,000.00
14. 03H36 Relationship Between Engineering Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of High-volume Palm Oil Fuel Ash Concrete incorporating Nano-particles and Polymeric Admixtures Mohd Warid Hussin UTM                140,000.00
15. 4L098 Exploration of Woodpecker’s Head Mechanics for Development of A New Structural Impact Resistance Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong MOHE                112,000.00
16. 00K42 Determination of Electromagnetic Properties of Bitumen Emulsion Md. Maniruzzaman A.Aziz UTM                  30,000.00
17. 4S085 Development of Assessment Model for Energy-efficient Building Construction Systems Rosli Mohamad Zin MOSTI 171,000.00
18. 4S090 Green Inhibitor for Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Mohammad Ismail MOSTI                239,000.00
19. 4B143 RNP2-Hydrokinetic Turbine Anchoring System (HTAS) Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong JKR                  79,000.00
20. 06H44 Development Of Cooling Storage Wall With Application Of Nano Phase Change Material (Pcm) Suitable For Housing Development In Malaysia Muhd Zaimi Abd Majid UTM                  50,000.00
21. 4B146 RNP3-Solid Material Diverter (SOLMAD) Shek Poi Ngian JKR                109,000.00
22. 06H59 Development of Partial Strength Connection for Cruciform Column Section in Low Rise Structures Shek Poi Ngian UTM                  45,000.00
23. 06H43 Building Energy Consumption Model In Relation To Occupant’s Behavior Rosli Bin Mohamad Zin UTM                  50,000.00
24. 06H56 Strength, Durability And Micro-Structural Properties Of Concrete Incorporating Iron Ore Tailings And Ceramic Waste Mohd Warid Bin Hussin UTM                  50,000.00
25. 06H71 Soil Structure Interaction Of Jointed Precast Tunnel Lining Hisham Bin Mohamad UTM                  50,000.00
26. 06H41 Fast Track Construction Of Composite Floor System With Cold Formed Steel Section Mahmood Bin Md Tahir UTM                  50,000.00
27. 09H33 Construction Of Roads And Highways Using Hazardous Industrial Waste Materials Md. Maniruzzaman A.Aziz UTM                  20,000.00
28. 4F520   Application of Nano Phase Change Materials (PCM) to Develop cooling wall suitable for passive cooling in building sector of Malaysia Muhd Zaimi Bin Abd Majid MOE                  78,200.00
29. 4F518   Elementary anisotropic curved beam formulation for fracture toughness of triaxial weave fabric composite Ahmad Kueh Beng Hong MOE                  90,000.00
30. 4F528  Synthesis and Characterization of eco friendly green nano particles for corrosion inhibition of metals Mohammad Bin Ismail MOE                106,000.00
31. 4F436 Effects of warm asphalt additive on waste engine oil based recycled mixture Norhidayah Binti Abdul Hassan   MOHE 80,000.00
32. 4J127 Civil Engineering Exit Test (CEET) Yusof Bin Ahmad CTL 20,000.00
33. 08H44 Fundamental Studies On Parking Generation At Expressway Rest Areas In Southern Peninsular Malaysia Ishtiaque Ahmed UTM 20,000.00
34. 08H96 Development of Traffic Management System Using GIS for Rainfall-Induced Traffic Accidents and Incidents in Malaysia Anil Minhans UTM 20,000.00
35. 09H03 Assessment Of Leachate Biodegradation In The Presence Of Zeolite Under Anaerobic Condition Mohd Hafiz Bin Puteh UTM 20,000.00
36. 09H06 Density Current Dynamics Over Sloping Bed Mohamad Hidayat Bin Jamal   UTM 20,000.00
37. 09H07 Sediment Transport In Analysing Dam Breaching Due To Overtopping Zainab Binti Mohamed Yusof UTM 20,000.00
38. 09H34 Structural And Durability Performance Of Concrete Column With Sstt Confinement Abdullah Zawawi Bin Awang UTM 20,000.00
39. 09H35 Flexural strengthening of Glued Laminated Timber Beams with FRP composites. Yusof Bin Ahmad UTM 20,000.00
40. 09H36 Plastic Shrinkage Behaviour Of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Composite Concrete Izni Syahrizal Bin Ibrahim  UTM 20,000.00
41. 09H37 Risk Assessment On Market Potential Of Institutional Green Building Investment Abd Latif Bin Saleh UTM 20,000.00
42. 09H38 The Use Of Structural Adhesive In Cold-Formed Steel Connection Mohd Hanim Bin Osman UTM 20,000.00
43. 09H40 The dynamic role of root water uptake in coupling to shear strength behavior on slope stability Nazri Bin Ali   UTM 20,000.00
44. 09H47 A Framework For Zero Energy Institutional Building Mushairry Bin Mustaffar   UTM 20,000.00
45. 4F474 Kinetics of Sewage Effluent Organic Matter on The Removal of Pharmaceutical Compounds During Wastewater Ozonation Yong Ee Ling MOHE 103,200.00
46. 4F512 Magnetism Characteristic Towards The Filamentous Proliferation of Microorganisms Rate During Sludge Bulking Behavior Khalida Binti Muda  MOHE 98,200.00
47. 4F521 A study on the Mechanical Properties of Steel-Polypropylene Fibre Reinforced Concrete Exposed to Elevated Temperature Izni Syahrizal Bin Ibrahim  MOHE 79,200.00
48. 4F529 Holistic Approach In Capturing Maintainance Related Requirement Using Robust Method For Building Design Mohamad Ibrahim Bin Mohamad  MOHE 87,000.00
49. 4F530 Investigating the Influence of Reputation Loss in Consequence Assessment of Gas Pipeline Damage Subject To Explosion Norhazilan Bin Md Noor     MOHE 74,000.00
50. 4F532 Performance of Treated Rubberized Fiber Concrete Under Earthquake and Fire Loadings Mariyana Aida Binti Ab. Kadir   MOHE 99,900.00
51. 4F534 Vibration Characteristics of Integral Abutment Bridge In Malaysia Azlan Bin Abdul Rahman       MOHE 73,000.00
52. 4F541 Modeling Socio-economic interactions with hydrological processes for improved projection of water balance Shamsuddin Shahid MOHE 59,000.00