Management Team

The school has increased responsibilities especially in teaching and rendering its services to industries and also to the public at large. Currently, the School is led by the Chair and assisted by the four Associate Chair, on academics affairs and also on research and postgraduate studies. Each department is managed by a Director, for each of the Centres of Excellence. Matters related to human resource development and school’s administration in general is under the supervision of the Deputy Registrar.

Our Chair

Email :
Contact No. : 07- 5531500

Associate Chair
(Research & Academic Staff)

Contact No. : 07-5531503

Associate Chair
(Quality & Strategy)

Contact No. : 07-5531501

Associate Chair
(Academic & Student’s Development)

Contact No. : 07-5531507 

Associate Chair
(Continuing & Transnational Education

Contact No. : 07-5532449

Associate Chair

(Structure & Materials)

Contact No. : 07-5531504

(Water & Environmental Engineering)

Contact No. : 07-5531506

Academic Manager
(Undergraduate & Postgraduate)

Email :
Contact No. : 07-5531744

(Geotechnics & Transportation)

Contact No. : 07-5531587