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Our school has seen a significant increasing number of students due to the popularity of its high quality postgraduate academic programmes.

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Graduan Sekolah Komputeran UTM Terpilih Sebagai Felo Perdana 2021 Perdana Menteri

PUTRAJAYA, 13 OKTOBER - Majlis Penyerahan Felo Perdana kepada semua Ahli Jemaah Menteri bagi tahun 2021 disempurnakan oleh Y.A.B Perdana Menteri, Dato’ S,eri Ismail Sabri Yaakob pada 13 Oktober 2021. Sejak 2013, Program Felo Perdana yang telah dilaksanakan oleh...

Technology Information System & 4.0th Industrial Revolution

1st TIS INDUSTRY LECTURE SERIES Dear all, We are pleased to invite all to participate in 1st TIS Industry Lecture Series session hosted by TIS Course (SECP1513), School of Computing. The session will take place virtually as follows: Date: 1st November 2021 (Monday)...

SCRG-MLV Sharing Session

Synopsis: Many metaheuristics mimic biological interaction metaphors, such as ant colony, particle swarm, bee foraging, eagle predator behavior, and cuckoo brood parasitism, to solve complex optimization problems. Another type of biological interaction is...

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Md Asri

Congratulations, Prof. Dr. Md. Asri bin Ngadi for being awarded with total amount RM 47, 593.16. International Grant by Universitas Raharja for the research title Framework Of Secure Digital Certificate For Indonesia Tertiary Education Using Blockhain Smart Contract....

Disciplines in the School

The three (3) disciplines are committed in spread heading world class higher education in computing technology and producing skilled and able graduates to fulfill the dynamic needs of Malaysia.

The Computer Science discipline was formed when the former Faculty of Computer Science and Information System (FSKSM) was re-branded to the School of Computing.. | Read more

The discipline of Applied Computing is emphasizing on planning, managing, developing and furthermore using the information system and technology. | Read more

The discipline is committed in spread heading world class higher education in computing technology and producing skilled and able graduates to fulfill the dynamic needs of Malaysia. | Read more

Quick Access Online System


myUTM is designed to assist and equip students with one-stop station to access elearning and aimsweb.


E-Learning is UTM online system to assist students to get access directly to learning and teaching materials. To login to Elearning portal ( Use your Academic Computing ID (ACID) to login).

Final Year Project (PSM)

The undertaken project must include programming elements with appropriate users’s complexity and meets PSM scope.


Students Evaluation of Teaching System Online (e-PPP) is designed to evaluate teaching and courses that enrolled by our students.

Rules and Regulation

Students who do not abide by the Rules and Regulations will be given warnings (first offence) and University has a right to immediately terminate your study at any circumstances fail to adhere.

Course registration

Students who have already registered for a study programme in a particular semester are required to register all courses that they intend to take for that particular semester.

Rental Our Facilities

We provide facilities open for rental. Hit this link to see our potential facilities such as Lab, Seminar Hall, Lectures Room and more

Lab Management

A source of quality and laboratories management  services and innovative to achieve the aspirations of the University.

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Industrial training

Industrial training is a main component in the Bachelor of Computer Science curriculum at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

FC Oshe

Akta OSH 1994 yang digariskan oleh Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan di bawah Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Malaysia


To create integration of three sustainability entities, which are Green, Energy and 5S Program

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School of Computing events and activities pictures have been uploaded and stored here. Check it out.Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

For Staffs

Slides from past staff engagement with school’s Chair


School of Computing, Future Ready Educators (SC-FREE) was set up by UTM under Kumpulan Sokongan Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran Abad ke-21 (KSPP21)

Blended Teaching & Learning System

Implementation of Blended Teaching & Learning System (BLTS) in SC during pandemic

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