3SCSR Tay Zhi Hui part of the winning team in () 2020

On 15th July 2020, four UTM students from different backgrounds had won the first-prize in the World Technology Universities Network (WTUN)’s first student competition – “What does “Digital Creativity” mean to you?”. Liew Wen Ching, Tay Zhi Hui, Tay Zhi Xin and Yap Zhen Shyong worked as a team and proposed a Recycling App – WeSort in order to address the WTUN’s chosen United Nation Sustainable Development Goal, Sustainable Cities and Communities. WeSort aims to improve the recycling behaviour of the public and promote the go-green environment by providing a platform for the users to go recycling while earning side income as an incentive. As the winning team, the members will present their work to the fellow WTUN member institutions at the upcoming WTUN virtual congress in October. The introductory video for WeSort is available at https://vimeo.com/425792372.