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BCS Computer Networks & Security with Honour (SECRH)

We are home to academic staffs with expertise in various aspects of computer science. With professors & lecturers in different fields of computer science, the department has become a reference portal for the public, the industry and the government to help find solutions to problems. Our main areas are Computer Network, Computer and Information Security, Pervasive Computing, Teaching and Learning.

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Currently, the department offers a full range of degree programmes in computer science i.e. Bachelor of Computer Science(Computer Network and Security), Master of Computer Science (information security), Master of Science and PhD by research.

The curriculum of our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes has been designed to prepare students for advanced careers within the computer industry. They become computer scientists that specialize in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems. They able to design and implement computer algorithm and software, invent the new way of computer usage,  solve a mathematical and computing problem and design and manage the network infrastructure of organizations. The Master and PhD research programmes train students to undertake research in various areas of computer science and supervised by experienced faculty members.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are designed following the recommendations of ACM Body of Knowledge in Computer Science and meet with the Malaysian Qualifications Agency programme standards for Computing. Graduates from Bachelor of Computer Science(Computer Network and Security) and Master of Computer Science (information security) programmes can accommodate the job market needs such as Analyst Programmer, Network Engineer, Software Developer, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, and Computer Security Consultant.

After 4 years, graduates from computer science can accomplish 5 programme education objectives. Firstly, they can use sound computational principles and techniques in solving real world problems across different application areas. Secondly, they are capable of applying efficient and effective scientific approach and tools in designing and building high-quality computer programs. Finally, they are also able to plan, analyze, design, implement, evaluate, maintain and manage computer network systems and trusted security systems/policies.

Welcome to all especially our new undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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Our department is approximately 30 minutes and 1 hour driving from the city of Johor Bahru and Singapore respectively, and about 4 hours driving from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. The closest airports are Senai International Airport, Johor and Singapore Changi Airport.

Our academic office is located on the 3rd floor, N28a Building.