RapidMiner Machine Learning Master Training & Certificates

MDEC has given a lot of upskills opportunities for lecturers from PTDI institutions. One of the training give was RapidMiner Machine Learning Master to Ms Marina, Dr Maheyzah, Dr Chan & Dr Sharin. From 22 Nov to 8 Dec 2020, 7 RapidMiner instructor-led online training were held by Ms Marina with 16 students from SCSR, […]

YOUSSOUF MAHAMAT KOUKOU: Master InfoSec awarded Best Postgraduate Award

  YOUSSOUF MAHAMAT KOUKOU, Master in Infomation Security      – Method Engineering Approach for managing Business Process of Computer Network Disaster. Supervisor: Dr Siti Hajar Congratulations! Awarded Best Postgraduate Award for Convocation 2016.