Student Employment

In this section, one can access job postings for all student employment in the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Computing. This includes all work for Grader, Teaching Assistants (TAs), and Lab Assistants.


Undergraduate or postgraduate students are used in the CS Department to correct homework assignments for our classes. Grading is done on your own time. A graders hours vary depending on the type of class and the usual number of students in that class.

Teaching Assistant (TA):

A Teaching Assistant (TA) is a registered graduate student, who is assigned to assist in the delivery of instruction under the active tutelage and supervision of a faculty member. Responsibilities include assisting the supervising faculty member by conducting discussion, laboratory, or quiz sections that supplement faculty lectures; and by grading assignments or examinations. No prior teaching experience is required for appointment.

Lab Instructor Assistant (LA):

A laboratory instructor assistant is responsible for the supervision of all laboratory activities for a specific CS department course.  You are required to be familiar with all experimental procedures and calculations involved in an experiment prior to entering the laboratory and must be prepared to lecture briefly on this material. You are also responsible for grading laboratory reports and pre-lab assignments.  This position is open for undergraduates and also postgraduates.


  • Grader positions do not usually require experience. TA and LA positions usually require experience/education in a particular area of study.
  • Graders may be undergraduate or graduate students and must have taken the course they are to grade and made at least A- in that course. If coming from another university, faculty will make the determination whether or not a student is qualified.
  • STUDENT JOB POSTING | SCSR1013 Digital Logic Lab Assistant

    Vacancy Deadline : 31 October 2016 | Languages : Malay & English | Job Category : Lab Assistants (4 vacancies) | Description  For Lab 3 Delivering labs Preparing labs and conduct experiment Marking lab book For Project Working night shift & weekends Handling students queries and helping with the project Qualifications Familiar with basic electronics circuits and […]