SCSR students won Top 5 in Cyber Heroes Competition 2017

UKM BANGI, 5th December 2017 – 2 teams from Faculty of Computing (FC) participated in the Cyber Heroes Competition 2017. The NoHat team comprised of Eric Khoo Jiun Hooi (3SCSR), Koh Leong Chien (2SCSR) and Teh Fook Tin (2SCSJ), while LostHat team comprised of Shamsul Alam Bin Kamaruzman (3SCSR), Syamsiah Bt Mohd Suhaimi (3SCSR), Sureinrajah A/L Nadarajah (1SCSR) And Salma Bt Mohd Zamrin (1SCSR) with Dr Mazura Binti Mat Din acting as the team’s coach.

Cyber Heroes Competition is hosted by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and organized by Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) in collaboration with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) ,Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The event is aimed to search for the top new and highly potential cyber security talents and promoting cyber security culture among young generation.

The competition is held on 4th and 5th December 2017 at Faculti Teknologi Dan Sains Maklumat (FTSM), UKM. On 4th December 2017, a total of 20 teams from different universities (UTM, UKM, UM, UNITEN, UiTM, APU, and etc) were given a scenario where there was a hacking incident happened to a company and the teams were tasked to find out the truth behind the attack. The competition is 6 hours long.

 Before the teams going to the Cyber Heroes Competition, there were training session with Saeed Hashem. He helped us a lot about the networking and how to find attacker using Wireshark and Network Miner software. This competition is a very good way to practice what we have learned in the university as well as new knowledges can be gain while participating in the competition.

The competition is a Jeopardy-style CTF (Capture the Flag) where there were couple of questions in range of categories like Network Forensic, RAM Forensic and so on. The teams will need to solve the questions and every question were given different points according to the difficulty. Top 5 team with the highest points will be selected to participate for the presentation of their findings on the next day and convince the judges to get an incident response project.


The prize-giving ceremony was held on 5th December 2017. Team NoHat from UTM had successfully won the fifth place in the competition and a total of RM1000 was awarded to the team. Lastly, Faculty of Computing (FC) is very supportive to the students throughout the competition. Faculty of Computing had contributed to students’ financial support in this competition. This competition showed a great team spirit between different programs (SCSR & SCSJ), different year (1, 2, 3 SCSR) and international student (Saeed). We hope this is a start to a greater involvement by SCSR students in Network & Security competitions.

Report by Salma Mohd Zamrin (1SCSR)