Dr Suhaila attending Enterprise Data Science (EDS) course

Throughout September 2017 to January 2018, for 42 days, in an effort to boost lifelong learning and knowledge growth, our staff Dr Suhaila Mohamad Yusuf attended the Enterprise Data Science (EDS) course at ADAX, Bangsar South, KL. The course is sponsored by MDEC and conducted by ADAX.

This course is a fast-paced practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data science, which is the study of how to use computer science, statistics, and a scientific mindset to extract knowledge from data. The aim is to equip our staff to better teach our students in the upcoming Master of Data Science programme.

Watch this space for further news on the new Postgraduate program.

Course modules:
1. Introduction to Computer Science and Python Proogramming
2. Introduction to Data Science
3. Applied Probability and Statistics
4. Machine Learning
5. Topics in Data Science
6. Project