Fatin Nazwa, 4SCSR summer school experience in SeoulTech, South Korea. (July 2018)

Universities don’t close their doors during the summer vacation or semester holiday. Therefore, it was a good opportunity among many students all over the world to go to a summer school abroad to train and develop while experiencing a new and exciting learning environment while they are on school break.

Fatin Nazwa binti Adnan, our 4SCSR students applied and was chosen to attend summer school at SeoulTech for 2 weeks fully sponsored (minus the air fare) under the UTM Mobility Program. Further info UTM Mobility PortalFatin went after her 3rd year and before she starts her Industrial Training Program.

Seoul National University of Science and Technology International Summer School, July 2018

What is STISS? STISS stands for SeoulTech International Summer School and this program is designed to amplify the interest in Korean Language and Culture of foreign students for two weeks. The STISS programme is offered to all SeoulTech’s partner universities from all over the world and UTM is one of them. The total number of participants for STISS 2018 were 88 students which were from 25 countries and 46 universities. The best part of this STISS programme is that all expenses are sponsored by SeoulTech except for the flight.

On the 14thof July, my flight was scheduled at 7.50 am. The flight took six hours and arrived at Incheon Airport, South Korea at 3.00 pm. I was greeted with some of the buddies including my buddy and her name is Dongyoon. The trip from the airport to SeoulTech (Seoul National University of Science and Technology) took one hour and when we arrived we were assigned our dorms. My roommate was Fatin Aimilia, another UTM representative. The dorms provided by SeoulTech was very complete. Air conditioner, floor heater, WiFi, personal bathroom, oven, elevator and even free washing machines. The meals there are also provided.

On 16thof July, there was an opening ceremony and orientation. We were divided into four classes which are Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D. The president of SeoulTech, Prof. Jong Ho Kim gave us a welcoming speech. For the orientation, we played five games as an ice breaking sessions with all the participants and it was very fun as I get to interact with other international students. On the same day was also scheduled a campus tour, but the weather in Seoul was too hot and it was cancelled. We were also assigned a video project to each class. Starting from 16thuntil 27thof July, the morning session was filled with Basic Korean Language class and for the evening session there were a variety of activities. On the last day on the Korean class, we had to sit for listening, writing, reading and speaking test. It was easy no worries.

On 17thof July, we had a field trip to the Hanok Village and Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower). Hanok is the name of the traditional houses in Korea that dates back to the Joseon Dynasty. The Seoul Tower is one of the tallest towers in Korea. The weather was hot as always as it is summer. There was also a Korean Cuisine Class where we learned on how to cook Andong Jjim Dak (braised spicy chicken) and Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake). We also learned on how to make a traditional Korean mask and how to dance the traditional dance. Another field trip was we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheongwadae Sarangchae (Blue House) and the National Folk Museum of Korea. A screening of a Korean filmed titled Masquerade was done as one of our activities.

The most interesting part was learning how to KPOP dance. The song chosen was Bboom Bboom by Momoland and it was a very fun experience as not all of us knows how to dance and we were just enjoying our time. We also learned on how to carve our own stamp and the last activity was Taekwondo. Every student was given a chance to break a board by doing a kick and I did it I break a board! And on the last day was the Award and Farewell Event and this was very sad because the programme had reached its end. There was a screening of the group project and also montage that was made by the volunteers. We were given a certificate each with a hardcover.

I think this programme gives a very good exposure as the participants came from all over the world. This programme gave me a new perspective of this world as there are a lot of culture that we do not realized existed. I want to thank UTM and SeoulTech for giving me this opportunity and I would not trade this experience for anything. And lastly I want to thank Miss Marina for helping me by answering all my questions and writing my recommendation letter. The STISS programme is held once a year and you should apply you will not regret it 🙂

Report written by Fatin Nazwa.