Grand Meeting of SCSR Cohort 2017

It’s time to break the ice! On the 15th of September 2017, Ms Marina, SCSR coordinator called upon the grand meeting for SCSR students of 2017 cohort, which was held in Lecture Room 2 to introduce to the new students what SCSR will entail. To kickstart things off, a brief explanation of SCSR course took place, as the students have some confusion regarding the difference between SCSR and other courses. A short introduction to know the lecturers of SCSR is also held, so that the students know and able to familiarize themselves with the line of lecturers that are and will teach them in their 4 years of study. The students are then grouped and had their meals with their respective Academic Advisors and senior mentor (third year students of SCSR!), which leads to ice breaking in small groups. A tour around the faculty was also held in said respective groups so that the students can navigate through the buildings of the faculty easier, especially in finding labs and lecturer rooms! – Reported by Nurin Maisarah binti Rozzaini 1SCSR