Hack@10 2018 Talk

UNITEN Putrajaya, 3rd March 2018 – In conjuction with Faculty of Computing (FC) participation in theHack@10 2018 Competition, 5 students from 1SCSR; Haziq Danial, Afiq Aiman, Amirul Izham, Abdul Halim and Hazraf Syahiman are selected to attend the talk.

The 11 representatives of Faculty of Computing, UTM

Hack@10 is a security competition organized by the College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), UNITEN to search new security talents among the competing students and to reward those who have successfully demonstrated their Cyber Security knowledge and skills. In addition to the competition, this event also aims to promote and create awareness of Cyber Security among the younger generation. Secondary school students and undergraduate students invited to the event where in addition to watch the competition and introduced to Cyber Security by attending talks delivered by experts in the area of Cyber Security. There is 20 teams from different universities and colleges took place in this competition.

The event started at 10:00 am, which both competition and talks starts simultaneously. The talks consist of 4 sessions with 4 different topics and speakers at Seminar Hall. Each talks took one hour with 15 minutes break. The first talk was on CyberSecurity, Catalyzing Digital Innovation Ecosystem delivered by Mr. Alvin Teoh from MDEC. This talk was mainly about the journey of becoming Cybersecurity professionals. He mentioned that Cyber Security is an important field in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). Cybersecurity has become a high demand job in Malaysia that was drift by several crucial factors such as security threats, need for advanced security features and lack of skilled security experts. He also mentioned that Cybersecurity’s demand side assessment and the average monthly income increase with years and requires a lot of skills

The second talk was From General IT to Become Professional Cybersecurity delivered by Mr. Mohd Fazli Azran from OWASP. This talk also focused on the Cybersecurity that became a domain of 4IR. He pressed on the details of Cybersecurity which requires skills like pentest, security architect, security analysis, InfoSec Forensic and many more. Mr. Mohd Fazli also gave the awareness on becoming a good and ethical hacker. He said that this kind of hacker are the most needed by the Malaysia Government which lack of Cybersecurity person which causes them to hire foreigners to fulfill the empty position. He also gave a tip which to build a profile across the internet platform especially the Google because most of the IT companies prefer to search their employee or interview candidate activities and profile through this platform.

Blockchain Disruptive Technology was the third talk delivered by Mr. Sanjay Willie from Astiostech Sdn. Bhd.. This talk is a bit of interesting that explained the concept of blockchain which became a massively emerging technology and a continuously growing list of records (blocks). Blockchain is the enabler for the cryptocurrency such as the Bitcoin. Blockchain is very secured and linked cryptography that uses hashing (cryptographic hash of the previous blocks), managed by peer-to-peer network and once the data is recorded it cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks. He mentioned that blockchain usually does need trusted authority or central server which mean it involves the 3rd party.

The last talk was on Jump Start Your InfoSec Career! Delivered by Mr. Mahmud Ab Rahman from NetbyteSEC Sdn. Bhd.. This talk focused powering the basic skill in IT which is programming. He said that programming is a step stone to network security. He also said that the understanding the structure of the coding is not the same as building the coding itself. One must understand the code to find and fix the bug or error. Understanding the bugs was an introduce to the code. In world of hacking, he quoted “Learn the offensive things to learn the defensive stuff”. He also encourage to learn more than one IT skills such as programming language, operating system and others to gain extra experience and job market value.

Last but not least, after the 4th talk session ended, the Hack@10 competition also finished. Everyone gathers at the Seminar Hall waiting for the announcement of the top 5 team winners. Buff3r_OverF10w team won the 5th placed and awarded RM500.00 while Grey Hat team won the 8th placed out of 20 teams. It was an excellent and honorable efforts for both teams to be in the top 10. We have gain so much experience related to Cybersecurity and hacking through out this event. Hopefully we can do better in the upcoming competitions and may we could share some of our experience to others also encourage them to join this kind of event in the future.

Report by Haziq, Amirul, Halim, Hazraf and Afiq.