Huawei HCIA Routing & Switching Training & Certification for 3 & 4 SCSR

FOC in-house instuctor led online training by Prof Asri, Dr Ismail Fauzi and Mr Firoz.

97 participants from 3 SCSR, 4SCSR and recently graduated students.

Pre-requisite: Malaysian, SCSR2242 & 2941 Computer Networks & Lab

21 – 24 December
28 – 31 December
8 – 11 pm
* Last day will be the exam

What is Huawei HCIA-Routing & Switching Certification?

HCIA-Routing & Switching Certification is the first step of Huawei Routing & Switching Certification.

What Will I Learn in Huawei HCIA R&S Certification Trainings?

In Huawei HCIA R&S Certification Training, you will learn network fundamentals, basic network installation, commissioning and troubleshooting Huawei routing and switching facilities.

What is the Price of HCIA R&S Exam?

The price of HCIA-HNTD Certification Exam (Exam H12-211) is USD200. (Not including the training session)

What is the Duration of the HCIA R&S Exam?

The complete duration of Huawei HCIA R&S Exam is 90 minutes. If you get any training for Huawei HCIA Exam and you are ready, this time will be long enough for you.

What is the Passing Degree for HCIA R&S Certification?

The passing degree for HCIA R&S is 600/1000.

How Long Does HCIA R&S Certification Valid?

Huawei HCIA R&S Certification is valid for 3 years. In these 3 years, you can have further R&S trainings and take other exams. But after 3 years, if you do not pass any further R&S exam during this period, you need to recertify by taking the exam again.