UTM-FC Students became champion in ISSC 2017 in Carrom.


The International Student Sports Carnival is organized by the Department of Higher Education and Multimedia University. In the meaning of Secretariat, MOE is responsible for the rules and regulations and have all the rights to appoint the organization authority to any IPTA/IPTS members or create one Secretariat for this event.


The appointed Secretariat is responsible to brief and explain details of the rules and regulation of International Student Sports Carnival 2017 to all University/ University Collage/ collage and to any individual related implementing this event.


The main objective of ISSC is to inculcate healthy & productive integration amongst international students from various ethnics and nationalities as well as with the local students at Public and Private Higher Learning Institutions.


UTM-FC Student :

1. MD Zeaul Hoque Shuvo
2. Zubair Hossain Mahamud Protik


Only they were from UTM who won gold medal in Men’s Category in Carrom this year. Also, Mohammad-Al-Fattah joined in Carrom in Combined Sector in Carrom.

This report is prepared by MD Zeaul Hoque Shuvo, 3SCSR.