Master of Science (Data Science)


Programme Synopsis

From “Age of the Petabyte” soon to become “The Age of the Exabyte”, our networked world is generating a stream of data that no human, or group of humans, can process fast enough. This data stream has the potential to transform the way business, government, science, and healthcare are carried out. But too few possess the skills needed to use automated analytical tools and cut through the noise to create knowledge from big data. What is the solution?

Data science is a highly selective program that combines Mathematics, Computer Science and Applied Statistics to solve exciting data-intensive problems in industry and in many fields of sciences. This master degree also focuses on the development of new methods for data science. Data scientists help the organization make sense of their data. As data is collected and analyzed in all areas of society, demand for professional data scientists is high and will continue growing. The emerging Internet of Things, for instance, will produce a whole new range of problems and opportunities in data science.

In this programme, MSc (Data Science), you will gain a solid understanding of the methods used in data science. You will learn not only to apply data science: you will acquire insight into how and why methods work so you will be able to construct solutions to new challenges in data science. Furthermore, you will also be able to work on problems specific to a scientific discipline and to combine knowledge domain with the latest data analysis methods and tools. The educators of the programme are themselves active data science researchers, and the programme is heavily based on first-hand research experience.


Offered to Students
Upon graduating from the MSc (Data Science) programme, you will have solid knowledge of the central concepts, theories, and research methods of data science as well as applied skills. In particular, you will be:

  • Able to acculturate deep understanding and intuitive thinking from data analytics to assist decision making based on data-driven evolution
  • Able to sustain research and innovation based on advanced knowledge of data science and analytics
  • Able to leverage the full potential of data using digital technology as a catalyst for 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Able to consistently perform their responsibilities professionally and ethically as a data scientist, data analyst, and related jobs



Data Scientist, Big Data Analytics Engineer
Big Data Analytics Programmer, Data Engineer
Big Data Software Engineer
Business Data Analyst, Data Analyst
Data Architect, Systems Engineer


Univeristy Common and Core Faculty

IT Project Management, Informatik Dalam Masyarakat
Seminar Isu Pembangunan, Isu Global Dan Ekonomi
Masyarakat Dan Budaya Malaysia, Dinamik Kepimpinan
Falsafah Sains Dan Ketamadunan, Etika Alam Sekitar
Bahasa Malaysia, Penulisan Ilmiah, Organization Behavior & Development


Elective (Choose 3)

Computational Data Visualization, Big Data Computing
Operational Research and Optimization, Supply Chain Analytics
Human-based Computing and Perception


Core Programme

Statistic for Data Science, Advanced Analytics for Data Science
Big Data Architecture and Platform, Data Science Governance
Massive Mining, Business Intelligence and Analytics
Research Design and Analysis in Data Science



Project 1, Project 2


Programme Coordinator: